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  1.  Change of style


    The Opeth I've always loved somehow died with this release. No backbone, too many progressive elements, too mellow. Biggest letdown of 2011 for me.

  2.  Great new album!


    First album without Turilli on board. Still, the quality is still there as usual, so do not worry. Staropoli and Co deliver on their own. Be thankful we have two Rhapsodys in stead. Look up Luca Turillis Rhapsody on play.com if you for some reason wasn't aware.

    Musically and lyrically this album seems a bit more mature, somehow. No spoken parts this time either, which is for the better I must say.

    All in all a splendid new Rhapsody of Fire album right here, highly recommended from a long time fan.

    Note: "A Candle to Light" was NOT included on my copy. Downloaded that song digitally in stead, and it seems to be a slightly different version of the album track "Custode di Pace", so really no great loss there.

  3.  Steam.. *sighs*


    Be warned, this game requires you to use the annoying Steam service, which means you cannot sell the game if you'd like, since it's connected to your account. Also, once Steam is no more (nothing lasts forever), there's no way to play the game at all.

    Annoys the hell out of me when distributors forces developers to bloat their games with what I consider malware. Enfoce control on those who pay, while the pirates play unbloated games for free..... FAIL!

    Would not have bought the game for PC, had I'd known.

    Since the game is excellent, it still receives full score from me.

  4.  Picture quality = not that great!


    I thought the video quality of this BD set was quite bad overall. Especially during landscape zooms or when displaying darker areas (and not only night or cave shots, but like a sand dune in part shadow for instance).

    For me, the picture flickered alot during the above mentioned scenes (in the areas affected) which was annoying. Then in other sequences the picture was totally superb overall. Guess the transfer to BD was not that good, or something? I only have a handful of BD:s since before but none of them are lacking in visual quality as "Planet Earth" is.

    Note: This series in itself is excellent, so my average rating is mostly due to the lacking visual presentation!

    Also, only English subtitles was a let-down for me as well. Thought there would be Swedish subtitles hidden somewhere, but no. I´ve noticed play.com rarely list all available subs on their available items.

    Just my two cents.

  5.  Bläh..


    I want ten rockers and three ballads/calmer pieces (at most), not the other way around as is the case on this album. Guess the boys are getting old & tired or something. I´ve been listening to Foo Fightes since their debut came out back in '95, and I think this is their weakest effort yet, by far.

    Judging by this album alone, I'd be hard pressed to even classify Foo Fightes as a rock band.


  6.  Any subtitles?


    Could somene be nice enough to tell me whether there are any Swedish subtitiles on this edition? Contacting play.com is impossible it seems.