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  1.  Online mode - like stepping back 10 years


    Played the online multiplayer and was very disappointed. The graphics are poor and it's like stepping back in time. If you like decent online multiplayers like Call of Duty then stay away from this one.

  2. DiRT 3

    DiRT 3


    4 New from  £12.85  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £5.98

     Colin Mcrae 1 on steroids


    I remember the time I first played Colin Mcrae 1 back in 98 on a PS1, I was blown away by how it looked but more to the point how it felt - responsive and realistic.

    Dirt 3 continues the legacy, 8 games after the original, and although the codemasters team have been through some experimental stages with the format I believe they have come full circle with this game.

    Back to form, this is all that the original was and much more. The realistic gaming experience is conjured up through beautifully detailed graphics, atmospheric sound and a playability that gives a great sense of speed and control.

    I doubt many people would regret buying this game.

  3.  A must buy for console owners


    There are tons of games on the 360 but only a select few make it in to the elite - this is one of them.

    Based in the wild west it incorporates every aspect of cliche western life in an all ecompassing manner. Remember all of the story lines from the spaghetti western's you watched as a child and there's pretty much a guarantee that there's a mission about it in this game. From train robbing to rescuing a girl - it has it all.

    The ability to hunt animals is a nice bonus too and it's one of those games that you'll find hard to put down, even when you've finished it.

    It's got a captivating story line and a strong online multiplayer option too.

    You'd be crazy not to buy this game.

  4.  from 1942 to this!


    I've been a BF fanboy since the release of 1942 and played every BF since. I've always loved the series, particularly Vietnam and BF2 and when I thought they'd lost their touch with Bad Company 1 they go and release BC2 on the PC and I'm hooked. I've literally upgraded my whole PC to play this on max'd settings and it's absolutely amazing.

    I only wish they would re-release the WW2 and Vietnam eras with the gameplay they've captured in BC2 so that I can fly spitfires, B52's and a huey!

    top game

  5.  It's actually pretty good


    My first impression of shift was that it was trying to be another forza but didn't quite have the same feel. However, the more I've played it the more I start to like it.

    The graphics are excellent with realistic tracks and crowd members and the sound is outstanding - particularly in 5.1, as it is on most EA games these days.

    The gameplay is very fast, particularly when you move up in to the 2nd and 3rd phase which makes it very exhilerating to play. The choice of cars isn't enormous and tuning is basic but they are ample for what this game is trying to deliver.

    The feel of the car is difficult to master and I made the changes suggested by another poster on here and it did improve things drastically, I also only play on the 'bonnet' view which makes things very realistic.

    I like this game and I think it's worth getting in to for the fast and furious kicks it gives you.

  6.  Truly excellent!


    Mirrors edge is the type of game I love, fast paced, not too long and a story line that unfolds the more you play. The idea of creating a game with free-running as a foundation sounds ambitious, particularly from a runner's eye-view, but it works really well. The control you have over Faith is concise and gives you the impression you really are running and jumping across buildings that are 500ft high, there were several points where I looked down below me and got a bout of vertigo.

    This is a fine example of the type of games that can be made for next gen consoles and it's great to see EA venturing in to new depths of gaming.

  7.  Great idea, terrible game...


    I'm actually very disappointed with this game. The premise of the game is excellent and it's such a shame that the game play and style is severely lacking. The story line begins with the need for the main character to avenge his lovers killing - a good start. However after 10 mins of playing you become irritated by the jerky camera angles, the distinct lack of fluidity from the character you play and the mass dialogue options you go through when speaking to anyone. Let me dwell on this age-old format of gaming that should firmly stay in the past, when playing a game I want action, I want to feel like each move I make with my joypad will decide my fate on a game - Multiple choice answers in a conversation is old skool and I remember game like this existing on my ZX Spectrum.

    I've just completed The Force Unleashed and desperately wanted this game to be in the same class but it's nowhere near! Avoid this at your peril, it's lame and I'm saddened that code masters ever allowed this to be released.

  8.  The police meet the Buena Vista Social Club


    This album is unique. As the title suggests it is a fusion of latino beat, pop, soft rock and funk. I disagree with the reviews that say how the album is simple and easily becomes monotonous. The lyrics are catchy yet meaningful and ride a punchy, melodic, subtle sound that makes you wanna get your groove on.

    Buy this if you need an accompaniment to your Mojito.

  9.  works better than official xbox hdmi cable.


    I bought this cable to replace the original HDMI cable that came with my Xbox 360 elite. I had problems with the picture skipping and occasionally going black with no sound for a second or 2 - very frustrating when your trying to play. Anyway, this cable is very robust. It's blue with white stripes and comes with some nice plastic protection caps on the gold HDMI connecters. Since plugging it in I've had none of the problems I was having and I can actually see an imporvement in the image quality.

    An excellent buy for £15 and as the other review says you needn't pay any more for a HDMI cable....

  10.  A class above...


    When I left my recent job I was forced to give back my Sony laptop. Reluctantly I handed it over and decided that I had got so used to owning a laptop that I bought myself another - it was a 17" fujitsu-siemens. I used the FS laptop for about 3 days and decided it was nowhere close to the quality of the previous Sony I had owned. I then hunted for another Sony and found the NR11z. I returned the FS and made the purchase from PLAY. It took 2 days to arrive and is absolutely spot on.

    The spec is excellent but it was also the quality that made me want another Sony and this is no exception. It looks very cool with a grid-like silver casing all over it which should hide future scratches and marks. There are no rattles or loose sections either and the fluid hinge motion when opening feels quality. The mouse pad is far more realistic and responsive in comparison to the FS and the buttons all feel much better - a considerable class above the FS. The laptop is also light and doesn't get hot on you knee.

    When using Vista the experience is pleasant, it gets a 3.4 rating and you can really feel the 2gig of RAM working away to open apps and allow you to navigate more quickly and smoothly. It comes with loads of bundled software and is ready to use straight out of the box. It has a massive 200gb hard drive, 4 USB slots, an SD slot and firewire.

    I cannot think of a bad thing to say about this machine and would suggest to anyone that is going to make a purchase on a laptop to seriously consider Sony's as the high build quality and spec makes a huge difference to your user experience.