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  1.  Sci-Fi at its very best


    I saw this one in the cinema about three times and was completely blown away each time - doesn't quite have the same effect on the small screen of course.

    One thing though - I think the way the aliens were depicted was a bit of a mistake. The one in the Area 51 lab was OK - but the way they were acting in the mothership came across as a bit too comical to me, when you take into account that they currently have dozens of fifteen mile wide ships mopping up our cities one by one. I don't know, it just made them look like idiotic puppets if you know what I mean.

    While we're on downers, I think the Area 51 section can drag a bit and it could've done with being broken up with some scenes showing what was still going on around the world.

    Overall though, a fantastic Sci Fi film and I thought the way the aliens are beaten in the end (come on, did you really think they stood a chance) was quite imaginative. You do have to sort of leave your brain at the door though - if you analyse the film too much, you'll find holes big enough to drive a truck through - for example when David and Steve are escaping from the alien mothership - they leap into their seats and off they go, pulling loops and all sorts of other moves - great! One problem? They appear to forget to put their seatbelts back on.

    And is it me, or are countdowns in these action movies NEVER accurate? If you actually do the countdown yourself, you'll find they're usually almost ten seconds out...

    See what I mean? Don't analyse this one, just enjoy it!

  2.  These things are a waste of money.


    I have used several of these contraptions. They're a complete waste of money. You want to burn fat off your stomach (or anywhere else - as we know, you can't spot reduce) - get out there and do lots of cardio, with some resistance work to build muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn.

    Not to mention the expense in batteries, and that icky gel you have to put on them all the time!

  3.  Seems like a good case overall


    This arrived really quickly - about three days in total.

    It fits the Tocco Lite perfectly, with holes for the speaker, charger slot etc, but I didn't like the screen protector. There were two issues with it - firstly, the protective labels that had to be peeled off left a nasty smear on the screen protector, no matter how gently you peeled them off. Also, the screen protector once on doesn't look good - too many 'bubbles' - and I put it on as gently as possible.

    The case itself looks good though. Unlike many other cases, it retains the Tocco's original shape - in fact some people I showed it to didn't even realise there was a case on it at all.

  4.  An excellent film


    This film is superb - most films with Hitler only show his story from WW2 onwards - whereas this one tackles it from the very start. While it would've been good to see more of Hitler's youth (no pun intended) there is at least one scene that shows what his relationship with his father was like - not good, to say the least.

    The entire cast is very strong, but Robert Carlyle as Hitler is fantastic. He has clearly done his 'homework' as an actor - even though he's speaking English, he has Hitler's speech pattern down perfectly. And he has clearly spent a long time studying Hitler, as he has the body language and gestures etc spot on. I didn't think he was a 'caricature' for one second - he was completely believable.

    We can only imagine what course history might have taken had Hitler been successful in his applications to the Art Academy in Vienna - they couldn't have known what they were unleashing on to the world.

    All I can say is I would love a sequel that continues from where it left off, with Carlyle still in the lead role. After all, the majority of Hitler's crimes happened under the cover of the Second World War...

  5.  Great value for great movies


    Wow - what can I say? All six Rocky movies for less than a tenner - that works out at a little over 1.50 per film! If you're a Rocky fan and haven't got any of the other boxsets, or haven't got any of the films on DVD, now is the time! If you just love great movies, with superb performances, don't hesitate to get this.

    A few years back, I paid 23 quid for the old Rocky boxset - the one without Rocky Balboa! Seemed a good price at the time....

    All films are good in their own way, although Rocky Balboa is by far the weakest, but I can see why it was made - seeing the Rocky series end in a street brawl wasn't exactly a good move for the end of the fifth installment. The other four films are superb, each and every one of them, but Rocky and Rocky II are the ones that really set the standard.

  6.  Rubbish


    I wasn't really a fan of the 1980s Doctor Who - I only really got into it with the arrival of Ecclestone/Tennant, but this is pure garbage. The Doctor himself is portrayed as a bumbling old fool who couldn't think/charm/blag his way out of a paper bag.

  7.  Meet your Doom. Again!


    This game is fantastic. It's the most atmospheric game I've ever played, it's great at making you jump and some of the later levels are downright disturbing! Read emails and listen to audio logs - not only will you find codes and so on for doors, you'll also pick up on a lot more of the story - if you don't read the emails and listen to the logs, you'll miss out on a lot of immersive background information. The game is also nice and long, you won't be finishing this one in 5 hours (stand up at the back there, CoD MW2!).

    One last thing: don't spoil the game by using any stupid 'duct tape' mods so you can have the flashlight stuck on your gun. There are several moments where you don't feel in control, that you don't feel like the typical Uber FPS character - these moments are destroyed by 'duct tape' mods. Sure, it's not realistic that you couldn't find some duct tape to stick the torch to your gun, but remember you've only got one flashlight, so when you switch weapons, you'd still have the same problem. For me, it's a superb game mechanism that ID have used here - it's a genuinely creepy experience to have switch from torch to weapon.

    Finally, if you played this when it first came out and was frustrated (as I was) by low FPS, now's the time to give it another go! Your modern PC should chew through this like a chainsaw through zombies! Oh - one other thing - play about an hour at a time, otherwise the repetitive nature of the game will set in, and that'll spoil your Doom 3 experience.

    Have fun... and roll on Doom 4! In the meantime, check out Quake 4 - another superb ID game.

  8. FIFA 10

    FIFA 10

    PC Games

    2 New from  £15.99  Free delivery

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     Based on demo, it's a rehash of Fifa 09 PC


    The graphics are actually worse than last year (despite promises to the contrary), the gameplay has barely changed at all (despite promises of sweeping changes) and many of the bugs from Fifa 09 are still alive and kicking. Since it's on the pitch where the game matters the most, this all makes me say that I cannot recommend it above PES 10, which is looking and playing superbly. (again, based on the demo). Also, major improvements have been made off the pitch with PES 10, including a completely reworked Master League, with real currency, real calendars, Europa League/Champions League properly implemented and much, much more.

    Either way, don't get this game, just pick up Fifa 09 for a cheap price and whack some of the graphical updates made by the fans - you'll hardly notice the difference between it and Fifa 10.

    Whatever you do, don't make the (understandable) mistake of believing that the PC version of Fifa 10 is the same as the PS3/Xbox 360 version - nothing could be further from the truth. You want a football game and you have a PC? Get PES 2010.

    EA Sports' attitude towards the platform that made them great, the PC, stinks.

  9.  Where's Jaws 1?


    First off, where's Jaws 1 - the original and best? A Jaws collection without Jaws? Come on!

    Jaws 2 is an excellent film, not quite as good as the original, but still a great film. Jaws 3 is rubbish - the special effects are laughable, as is the story. No Chief Brody either - Jaws without Brody is like Star Wars without Vader: it doesn't really work. Jaws 4 - as long as you can suspend your disbelief at the nonsense that a shark would consciously try and kill all members of a particular family - is an entertaining film and certainly a lot better than Jaws 3. To sum up, they should've knocked it on the head after Jaws 2, but that's Hollywood for you.

  10.  Excellent improvements over Sims 2


    One of the best things about the game is the way the Sims can now take care of their own needs. They don't wet themselves/pass out/die from lack of food anywhere near as often now (I've only had one Sim wet themselves and that was because the numpty in the bath wouldn't leave the room.)

    The other best thing about it is the free roaming town. Now, it is so easy to go out somewhere; if it's close enough, you don't even need to visit the map screen, just click on it and the Sim will go there.

    This is miles better than Sims 2, in every way you could think of. If you liked Sims 2, don't hesitate in buying this game.