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  1.  Not a Bath Towel!


    A fun design, but I bought this as a bath towel, and it isn't one! It's just a beach towel. I'd return it if I wasn't lazy.

  2.  Simply Great Sound


    I bought these at Heathrow's Duty Free for about £130, and was torn between these and the Shure 310's.

    I had heard that the cheaper range of Denon's were getting great reviews, and the sales assistant who was a bit of a headphone nut said he had also heard that the 751's were also getting great reviews, although having read around the topic these are restyled 700's.

    I have also got several pairs of other in-the-ear phones by Sony and Sharp, and also the expensive Etymotic ER-4P's which I was disappointed in - they seem to have a relatively thin sound. So I was looking for something with good quality to provide a comparison to the Etymotic's.

    So I took a gamble and bought them, and I think it paid off. The 751's are a great companion, as they have a rich fully featured sound. I can't really say much more than that, as talking about them in detail is a bit like dancing about architecture. They simply sound great and I can't fault them.

    The two caveats are: 1. you need a good seal in the ear, otherwise the sound will be thin and poor, like any in-the-ear headphone. 2. headphones are very much a personal thing, and what sounds great for one person can sound not so great for another. Always a good idea to try headphones out, although this is not always easy.

  3.  Not a SingStar Beater, Unfortunately


    Bought this on launch, and was dissappointed to find that one of the microphones was partly broken - no lights during the songs curiously.

    The negatives for the game are plenty unfortunately, and my comparison here is SingStar, a game which I've bought 6 volumes for on the PS2. As I've moved to the 360 I was really hoping this was a SingStar beater, so that I don't have to buy a PS3.

    Anyway, the negatives: (1) the game often slows down during songs, as if it's having to process information. Which seems bizarre for a karaoke game. (2) You can't login singers under multiple Xbox Live accounts, so all accrued points and rank changes go under the logged in Live account. Which just makes a nonsense of the system, particularly the ranking. (3) Although there are the versus modes, they aren't particularly exciting, and certainly don't compare with the simple versus modes on SingStar. I don't understand how this could have been missed, as it's part of what makes SingStar so great. (4) One of the biggest problems is the game is far too easy. You can sing pretty much off pitch and it gets registered as a correct note. Similarly, for rapping you can sing a constant note and get full points! (5) The instrument shakers are a new idea, but they don't add to the game. (6) Similarly the movements are just annoying, and get in the way of singing.

    A handful of postives about the game: (1) The lights on the microphone are cute, for a bit (2) wireless mics are great (3) there's a reasonable song choice, in my opinion (4) if you don't want a discerning karaoke game, this is the one for you.

    In summary: better to buy SingStar, if you have a PS2/3.

  4.  Surprisingly Good


    I had expected mediocre, so was surprised when I enjoyed the film. The story is perhaps a bit generic in an I'm-sure-I've-seen-something-like-this-before way. Set in Paris (and in French, and black and white), it tells the story of André (Jamel Debbouze), a con artist who is very low on skill and luck. When the story opens he is being pursued by several loan sharks, and with inevitable slight story spoilers, he ends up standing on the battlements of one of Paris's bridges, contemplating his suicide. He hears someone crying, and sees that there is a beautiful (and very tall) woman (Rie Rasmussen) also standing on the battlements, getting ready to jump. She jumps, and he jumps to save her, and so their quirky "relationship" begins, without giving too much away. The story is quite touching, both in terms of the amusing encounters they have, but also on a moral level of André's battle with his lying cheating self. Jamel Debbouze has a fantastic way of blending both a comedic touch with something deeper and more serious, which keeps the film both light but meaningful. Rie Rasmussen is also very good as the tall (helped by wearing huge heels, and Jamel being tiny) and stunningly beautiful stranger. The ending has a sense of inevitability about it, not that it's a big issue. Overall a very good film, and those who like a bit of moralising, repentance, and romance, should enjoy. 4/5

  5.  Great and Unusual


    I also watched Renaissance, an unusual "adult" animated science fiction film made in Europe, and funded with US money. The animation style is the unusual part, as it's an austere black or white (pretty much) with a lot of rotoscoping, inevitably giving the animation a very natural and lifelike feel. The story centres around a missing woman, who worked for a corporation obsessed with beauty products. The hero of the tale is a gruff policeman who is determined to locate her, against a cyberpunk backdrop and a complex plot. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it felt both original and interesting. The unusual high contrast visuals got to me after a while though, and started to irritate. 4/5

  6.  OK Thriller


    I watched Disturbia (the film title derived from "Disturb" and "Suburbia"). The film centres around a semi-cliché "nerd" teenager, who due to some earlier troubles ends up whacking a teacher and being put under house arrest (replete with ankle bracelet and GPS locator that will trigger an alarm if he leaves the perimeter of his home). Then we get a bit of a Rear Window-esque story in which the teenager, during his cabin fever-like house arrest, spots what he thinks is a serial killing neighbour, which he must try and prove. This is along with the sub-plot of winning the affections of the neighbours' attractive daughter. The film was entertaining enough for me, with the usual shocks, scares and twists, and some reasonable performances. 3/5

  7.  Enjoyable


    The first thing that some of the reviewers need to get over here is that whether you like it or not is a personal thing, so don't be put off by comments of "don't buy this" etc. etc.

    I'm a fan of both Spaced and Red Dwarf (both 5 star programmes in my opinion) and am also a fan of Hyperdrive (albeit a 4 star score). It's more of a chuckle, compared to Red Dwarf and Spaced's guffaws, but nonetheless I find it thoroughly enjoyable.

    Clearly some don't, but give it a try.