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  1.  disappointing compared to the first


    not great compared to the first was expecting big things but nothing really outstanding occured the first one made me totally cack myself but this just doesn't have the same things the first one did fair enough the last say 20 mins are quite scary but nothing really very jumpy
    hope they don't kill it off totally by making a third one

  2. Dirt


    Kids In Glass Houses - CD

    21 New from  £4.31  Free delivery

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     outstanding best album i've brought this year


    as an avid music fan I am always looking for new music i heard the best is yet to come on youtube a few weeks and fell in love with it i must have listened to it and I finally brought the album when I saw how cheap it was on here it's a bargain for such an amazing album there is not a bad track and not a fault on this album I would recommend it to anyone

  3.  amazing can't recommend this guy enough


    having scottish family myself and knowing how funny compared to the english they all are. I had to give this a go. However I didn't expect anything this funny the guy is a total genius and this was funny from start to finish possibly the best new comedian in recent years way better than Michael McIntrye. would recommend it to anyone don't hesitate it just buy it!

  4.  certainly a grower!


    been a McFly fan since day one and remember the day very well when I heard five colours in her hair and instantly loved it also remember when I purchased the debut album brings back good memories and here I am writing the above the noise review it's no radioactive which in my opinion is the best mcfly album to date but this is very close at first I was very disappointed with the choice of musical style but it's a grower best songs are shine a light party end of the world that's the truth and i'll be your man

  5.  love this!


    nothing else to say other than typical Kings of leon just amazing songs and great vocals brillant record!

  6.  nothing short of genius!


    not really into this sort of music but heard wonderful life and liked it instantly. Must admit the lead singer has an amazing voice contender for album of the year?

  7.  album of the year?


    This has got to be the best album i've heard all year and quite possibly thier best album since the singles back in 06. nothing mellow just pure 100% rock and roll which is what seems to be lacking in our world of music today but feeder have done it and have done it very well so well in fact every song on this album could well be a potential single and could be the singles 2 album! I was optimistic about hearing this after silent cry in 2008 but have to say they are back on top quality form and this album deserves to do well!

  8.  in my opinion that tiny bit better than fifa 10


    don't get me wrong fifa 10 is good but this just has that extra something more game modes to keep you entertained and the chance to play the world cup in penalty mode. only thing that could be improved is commentary as it's the same as fifa 10 other than having andy townsend instead of andy gray and some of clive's commentary does annoy you after a while hearing the same phrases over and over again. Other than that very good game

  9.  question


    I am currently a t-mobile customer and my current price plan is unlimited texts and 500 minutes. I currently have an lg cookie and hate it with a vengeance. can anyone tell me if i buy this phone and put my existing t-mobile sim card in it will the price plan and everything like that apply to the phone and will it work ok?

  10.  sitting on the fence still...


    Having only brought this yesterday I've still to make up my mind on it thought thier first album was amazing not a bad track on it. this seems to be a lot different than the first though in a lot of different ways still making my mind up on it to be honest think it's one of those albums that takes a few listens to get into. however so far the stand out tracks for me are this ain't a love song little miss naughty and take a chance on us