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  1.  An awesome collection and price, but avoid most reviews


    Right let me start off by saying, to get the full experience of this collection you need the internet. full stop. My favourite game on this is team fortress 2. And id give this box about 3 and a half stars without it.

    Half life and its both EXPANSIONS are pretty good. i had fun with them but if i found myself stuck somewhere i generally left the game alone for ages. but the game is really good if you can stick at it. nice graphics, nice gameplay, sweet guns. this game advertises saying it has 5 games in one, but half life 2 episode 1 and 2 are not that long and are really only short expansions of half life 2.

    Team fortress 2. probablyone of the easiest to understang and get a hold of multiplayer games ever. you will know exactly what to do when you log on and play one game. you wont need a tutorial, but if you do your outa luck cos there is none, but you will find spot on people online that will hel;p you with any problem you may encounter, and there is ALWAYS a game full of people being played. graphics are awesome, weapon classes are awesome and get a few friends to buy it too and you will have a right laugh.

    Now on to portal.this is the sole reason im saying avoid most reviews. the game is good yeah and quite inventive. but very short. the reason most people say this game is the best game ever is because of the ''internet humour''. because of the websites like 4chan and such most people who rate this game comment on the humour. and almost always only comment about ''the delicious cake'' at he end. if your a casual gamer and like your games explosive and full of guns this is not for you. but if you like a challenge then its definitely worth a go.

    the game overall is the best value you will ever get. and is the greatest use of 13 euro ever. :)

  2.  Its alright for sim lovers


    I was given this game for free. So i cant really complain. But in a nutshell, there is no overall point to this game that i can see.

    At the start though, there is. You begin in the tide pool, as a micro organism. Gobbling up all the green or red bits (herbivore or carnivore) till you evolve. You then fight for dominancy of the planet. Which is all great fun. Then, when your evolved enough.... They plant you with the bad part of the game. Space age. You get a ship which seems pretty cool then you head to space. You see a little string of planets and your like... Thats deadle. Then you zoom out further to a massive collection of these solar systems, and your like... Whoa now thats awesome. And you zoom out agai n to view an entire galaxy. Which is fully explorable and a good idea. But thats all that it is,. A good idea.there is nothing to do really apart from terraform these planets and collect spice. Kinda ruined the game for me...

    By all means, if you love to be able to tinker around with things (the creature creator is really well done) and if mass effect was too small for you (lol) then this is your game. Otherwise, you might just get bored way too soon

  3.  Dont be fooled by the title


    This is not prince of persia!!!!

    Right the good old prince of persia trilogy. I loved it. The main character grew on you through each game as he noticably matures throughout the great adventure. (Well the first game was 3+ and the second was 16+) he fought hordes of enemys, slayed large bosses and played with time as he pleased and could die!!!!. They really should continue that story....

    But no. They didnt. Instead, they threw away that concept, and created this... This... Movie. Im not saying its a bad game, but its like your playing a film basically. The graphics are excellent, but the game is far too simple. You cant die, there is very few fights, his voice is extremely annoying (definitely not persian!!) and the girl that follows can be tedious at times.

    The overall point here is, if your looking for a game to satisfy your hunger for another prince of persia, you have been sadly let down, but if your looking for graphical power and a relaxed game, then this is for you.



    Right. i read through some reviews and people say this is so much harder than ninja gaiden sigma. of course it is. Sigma was a remake for the ps3 of the first one on xbox. which was simple because they gave you an easier mode and a health regeneraion system. in the original, people found it hard to even get by the first boss. i completed the original on master ninja, and compared to that this is much easier.

    this game is hard, no doubt about it, but all you have to learn to do is time your blocking properly and you shouldnt have a problem beating this game. THIS GAME IS 18s FOR A REASON. its extremely violent and has a scene or two of complete nudity.

    this game has only one let down. that cursed camera that they never fixed from the first one, it really gets in the way. and you dont get the full experience you should. but the game is so full of pro's its unreal. like the awesome weapons (gotta love that scythe!!!) larger than life bosses (and harder too!!!) and that oh so beautiful combat system that is so so fluid. this game is excellent, buy it now if you havent already!!!!!! the price is a bargain.

    P.S. what is wrong with the storyline? it makes sense to me!

  5.  a consistent great read, and a great artist too!!!


    Ok i read the first book. First read, i didnt like it. 2 Months later im standing in a shop about to go on a long journey and picked up the next two volumes. I got abolutely hooked!!!!! You would have to have one oversized brain to guess what happes next. The txt just wont move fast enough and you just keep wanting more more more!!!! Then you get to volume twelve and your hitting the breaks. You really dont want this to end. But it has a satisfying ending. So your tears are not so bad.
    I bought all 13 books, though the last book is just an informative description of the past twelve volumes. Enthusiast item only. But all twelve actual volumes are re-readable again and again and again! The books say 16+ on the back but really havent got anything that would offend at all. Its just a littlle too complex for younger readers. A great read overall. But i much prefer gantz to this.