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  1.  back to drawing board or hope they dissolve trey arch


    I can't believe trey arch still have rights to call of duties name, this was a massive let down, the graphics were the same as WaW.

    I'll start with the online multiplayer. Terrible maps, such as nuketown, glitches where i fall through the floor get stuck in sandbags and killstreaks are all terrible for a start. Cod points ruin the fun of levelling up and it may just be me but i preferred unlocking callsigns and tags on MW2 instead of the customisation that i think they went too far on. All in all 1/10 for online.

    Story mode was actually not all that bad. It still glitched, the graphics were still poor and the enemy AI was idiotic. But the story itself had a little bit of potential. 3/10 story mode.

    Zombies is still on the game and i think its the games only saving grace. Well kind of. Again it seems like there was no effort to even attempt to improve upon WaW. Still good fun to play though so being nice i would say 6/10.

    As for the graphics an all other aspects of the game, i would have given 8 out of 10 when the ps3 1st came out but now its worth a 2/10.
    Since this is a recent game i can only honestly say i think they forgot about improving on the game so they could focus on ridiculous amounts of customisation. It feels like a backwards step to modern warfare 2 and is just not as fun as WaW. I could have compared this to other recent games but it just isnt in the same league as most of them.

  2.  worth it but a little axpensive


    I recently bought an xbox 360 and im a little bit disappointed in it. It is a great console with gd graphics but paying for the internet and the wires to charge the the controllers etc. Spiral the price. The games are very gd but the xbox focuses more on war games so id advise if u want a console for war games buy this. The graphics on non hd tvs are better than the ps3 but if you have a hd tv buy a ps3. The xbox is loud compared to the ps3 as well. If im honest i feel i wasted my money a lil bit on the xbox as overall the ps3 is a better console but if war games are for you then choose this.