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  1.  Disappointing ?


    I really thought I had to buy this game as it was rated game of year and scored 10. The graphics are amazing and also the cutscenes which are very long but are flawless. The gameplay is very repetetive and sometimes just boring following foot tracks or people.

  2.  Another CLASSIC RandC game.


    Insomniac yet again create another classic. The Storyline may be hard to understand at first but as you play the game you start to understand.

    You start of on top a building where rachet is fixing his ship(badly). He than takes of and the thrusters blow. As this happens he crashes down. After fighting in the futuristic toem called metropolis; which is being taken over by an evil emperor. So the aim of the game is to coquer the emperor. As you play through the game clank meets these magical robots called the zoni that help him do simple tasks e.g flying over long distances.
    Graphics:5 stars
    Gameplay: 5stars

  3.  Great action based game but has problems


    As in other dmc games you can play as dante but now you can play as nero; a human. Nero has a wide range of new skills; a kind of cursed hand that holds much power within. Now the Problems:
    Can get lost very quickly
    Quality coyld be better
    repetitive gameplay

    Fighting Experience: 5 stars
    Gore:4 star

  4.  Next Gen Racing Game


    As in all burnout you can race,takedown other cars and do crashes.
    But they have taken a risky change the game. Open city; can roam the city to your will and find races, road rages and stunt runs. Races are now based around the whole city; no limits. There is now no crash option. You now can just stop at the red lights and press r2 and l2 to activate a crash mode and just start crashing.
    You now go to a garage to collect your cars and while taking part in an evant can fix your car by driving through an auto fix. You can also drive through petrol stations to fill your boost.
    Racing experience:5 stars
    Repetitiveness: A lot
    Graphics:4 stars

  5.  Rock N Roll!!!!


    The game is well crafted and is 100% fun and addictive. The audio sound is far to quiet for this game. The game is fairly short but is well worth your money. The game is set out in 4 modes easy medium hard and expert, so pretty repetitive.

    So overall

    Fun 4 star
    Addictive 3 star
    Quality 3 star

    A fair game

  6.  create a total new type of living!


    Well first of all you start off on this mystical island where you have be deserted, you slowly find ways of surviving ; eating,making tools,shelters. With ds you have a bar which tells you if your sim is happy or not, your sim get happier as it finds new people on the island. The game is awfully reapetitive, and when you are stuck doesn't give much help.

    So overall i rate this

    Fun 4 stars
    Addictive 5 stars

    So a good game for the ds (a bit short)