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  1.  I'm going to have to disagree with the other two reviews...


    It's cheap, it's small and it works perfectly both in Linux and XP (although you have to install drivers for XP). The bluesoleil software that comes with it is very easy to use even if you don't know much about computers.

    And best of all this works perfectly with the Nintendo Wii remote =] Although reconnecting the remote after connecting once can be a bit of a pain... everything else I've connected has been fine though.

    Anyway, I'd definitely recommend it for the price, although for a couple of quid more you /can/ get much more compact ones...

  2.  A cheap and good card


    Easy to install, works straight away in Linux, Windows XP needs drivers though, but all in all very fast and easy to set up, great signal too.

    Wish there was a way to shorten the cable though, but the for the price it can't be beat (well unless you buy an external USB one...).

  3.  A flawed but very unique and enjoyable game.


    Deadly Creatures is a very unique game with a fantastic atmosphere and amazing graphics that have a brilliant sense of style. They remind me of Metroid Prime at times.

    The gameplay is split between adventuring (which I loved since it was so atmospheric) and fighting. It's basically a brawler, which is not something I usually enjoy, but the atmosphere combined with very good animations and well-done motion controls contributed to fighting I actually liked (the scorpions finishers are great fun).

    Both of the two playable characters have different styles of play; the spider is very agile but weaker while the scorpion is more of a powerhouse (and it can block). Plus since you switch between the two each chapter you never get bored of one style.

    The story is very simple but told in an absolutely fantastic way; you hear the movements and conversations of the two human characters as you creep through the desert. This is how games should tell stories as far as I'm concerned.

    It does suffer from some flaws though. There is slow down. Quite frequently. And it's sometimes really bad. The camera can be a complete pain in tight areas but luckily you can recentre it.
    And lastly, there are numerous clipping glitches such as comboing an enemy into a wall and then they get stuck.

    It's sad too because these flaws pull you out of the incredibly immersive atmosphere that Rainbow Studios have created.

    But in the end I think it overcomes it's flaws to be worth a purchase. Hopefully it sells well enough to get a more polished sequel though.