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  1.  Fantastic author!


    I've read 'A quiet belief in angels', 'A quiet Vendetta' and 'A simple act of violence' and thoroughly enjoyed all three. I came across 'Ghost heart' and immediately, without any doubts, purchased the book. If there was any doubts about wether it would be good or not they weren't necessary. This was, as always, a fantastic read that grips you and winds you in to the story and characters so well it's one of the very few novels out there where you feel emotionally connected. And R.J.Ellory's greatest talent is, appart from story telling, is his ability to get inside the characters. I dont want to give the plot away, there's a synopsis above provided but i can honestly tell you that if you havent read any works by R.J.Ellory you are missing out, it's a great book!

  2.  Brilliant!


    Im not going to compare these to the Verve, The doves, Kasabian, Oasis... no one. Exit calm are purely themselves and no ones else. And they are truly brilliant. Hearts and Minds was played so much im singing it in my sleep. There's not one dull track. Deffinately worth keeping an eye on these guys. Finally, after recently hearing the fantastic Twilight Sad it's safe to say that Britain is proudcing class music.

  3.  Great movie from an Awesome book!!


    The pulitzer prize winning book by Cormac Mccarthy (No country for old men) is a true and treasured gem and i was pleased to see such a good adaptation in this movie. The acting is top notch. The story is somewhat mis-understood by many reviewers. The story is NOT a disaster movie or about how the world has ended (if your after something brainless go watch 2012) it's a grim and intimate story about a father protecting his son across the ravaged remains of the world whilst preparing him to survive it when he's no longer there.
    Like the novel, the story takes place a few years after a cataclysm has erased society and effectively burned most of the world to ash. What has caused this (which the author and filmmakers felt) was of no real importance to the story. The main story is of the father and son surviving what's left of the world, avoiding the cannibals that skulk around it's remains, travelling west in hope of finding some place to survive before winter comes.
    You won't even know the character's name's (even in the book you don't, only reffered to as father and son, maybe because that father and son could be eventually you and yours one day) McCarthy's friends, a selection of scientists and geologists from the Santa Fe institute he regularly visits have, at a guess, come to the conclusion that the cataclysm is the result of a meteor. But the author has said "it could be anything, nuclear war, meteor, whatever?" but he has mentioned in an interview of the caldera super-volcano in Yellowstone park and how It could erupt in a thousand years.. or next monday *gulp!*.
    So then, is it good movie? don't take a date to see this! it's not a romcom full of belly laughs. It's grim but what a story it is and the acting is fantastic. The fella who directed the awesome 'The Proposition' did this and it shows, being visually stunning and true to the novel. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis composed the truly emotive and fab soundtrack (like they did for the proposition and Assassination of Jesse James) for this movie too which ripples out your surround sound system. This movie is deffinately worth seeing, this could be seen as a little biased because im a fan of the book, but don't come to this if your looking for the new brainless 2012 movie, it's more introspective and provocative. A great grim little gem of a movie, 9/10.

  4.  Brilliant as always!


    I've been following the series since 'every dead thing' and it's deffinately one of the very best. And it continues to be so. A little suggestion before buying; if you haven't read this series before, go and read Every dead thing first, you won't regret it. This is annother great book from John Connolly. Deffinately worth purchasing.

  5.  Fantastic!


    I thoroughly enjoyed this series, alot more than i did Band of Brothers though that was good too. It's alot darker and alot more mature than other war features i have seen. You can see how the war affects those who are in it and you can see that 'The enemy' are just as human as us rather than mindless zombies other movies like to potray 'the enemy' as. Really great series, genuinely gutted it has come to an end. Will deffinately purchase this on it's release.

  6.  One of the best!


    Epic. A word, succinctly put, that fits this bloody tome perfectly. A great sweeping tale spread over 30 years with enough blood to re-float the titanic and with enough wit and smarts to make Stephen Hawking a bit of dim bulb. What a great book, one of the very best i have ever read. A must read.

  7.  Fantastic as always!


    Don Winslow. Pick up one of his books and you know your in for a an entertaining ride. I've been a fan since reading California fire and life and Power of the dog (both of which i highly urge you to pick up and read). Winter of Frankie machine is right up there with his best. The story sound like your usual mobster shlick but i thoroughly enjoyed his take on a retired button-man who has some shady characters related to his past who want's him 'Sleeping with the fishes' if you will. Cannot praise this enough, what a great author. Every book you should try and get your hands on.



    Barker's first novel after his short story collections (Books of Blood part 1 & 2). Compared to his short stories, this takes a slower pace but it is never boring, constantly full of dark inventions and imagery. No matter what book of Barker's you read, your always left wanting more more more!!!.

  9.  Classic!


    Never forgot the first time reading this and B.O.B part 2. After reading these fabulously dark stories every other book i happened to pick up seemed tame and pointless. Re-reading them after many years, they have not lost their powerful punch one iota. Classic.

  10.  A true Epic!


    A monster of a book that could possibly kill somone if dropped from a great height, albeit it never drags. A truly brilliant book from an always 'Awesome' writer. No book of Barker's is a let down and always leaves you wanting more. Great suff.