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  1.  Heat Wave


    The first book written during the show by Castle about the fictional character Nikki Heat (inspired by Beckett).
    During the show the character Castle is shown to criticize peoples grammar and use of the english language. However the first half of this book has a fair few errors and typos (should have been picked up in proof reading) making the book lose the rhythm it was picking up.
    The book is quite short, just under 200 pages and is therefore lacking a bit in the plot department. The pace is quite slow at the start but picks up pace well during the last few chapters.
    Caskett fans will be pleased that the characters inspired by their ship do get the relationship yet to be shown on the show. Fans will find the same style of humour used in the series however I personally would have liked more of Ryan and Esposito's counterparts (with a couple name of Roach).
    Due to the shortness of the book, typos, and lack of a great mystery plot I would hesitate to recommend it to people who aren't fans of the show.
    For fans it is a nice piece of memorabilia to go along with the dvds and a light summer read, I have read the follow up 'Naked Heat' which is better and am awaiting the next instalment.

  2.  Friends with Benefits


    The Two leads in F.W.B have great chemistry and comedic timing making you truly believe in the friendship shown throughout the film. Justin Timberlake is really starting to prove himself as a capable comedic leading man.
    The script is funny and charming and brings in the leads families to add more to the plot. The film pokes fun at the stereotypical romcoms and the use of music throughout them.
    The use of flashmob in this movie is also a lot of fun and the soundtrack for the film works really well.
    It is a great funny summer movie which I will definitely be purchasing once it is released.

  3.  Bad teacher


    Having seen this film at the cinema last night I would recommend it, the film is funny and has strong comedic acting from the leading stars.
    The plot is unique with a well written script making it a very good fun summer movie.
    I'm rating it with 4 stars as I believe the ending was slightly rushed.

  4.  Bridesmaids


    After hearing this reviewed as a female version of the hangover I was slightly wary about the film. After great reviews from some of my friends I decided to give it a try and do not regret it. This film is hilarious and not like most comedies targeted at the female market (rom-coms), at numerous times during the film the cinema erupted in laughter. Its ott and briliant, I am already planning another trip.

  5.  Toy story 3


    I watched this the day of release as I am a big fan of Toy story and even after the 10yr wait it was worth it.
    Amazing film more grown up than the earlier ones likely due to ageing of the first audience but it is still suitable for children obviously.
    Spanish Buzz is the highlight of the film.
    It is a definate go see and pre order.

  6.  Eclipse


    The best book becomes the best film.
    This film was true to the original books but also made cinematic with better action scenes.
    The new director finds the balance between being cinematic and faithful keeping the tone of the books.
    My only complaint is new victoria, she was good I just don't think changing a actor during a series works.
    It's definately worth going to see even if you aren't much of a fan of the books.
    Better acting, action, strong new cast members and still the spark of the saga.

  7.  A good summer film


    After watching the series and both films I admit the films are lacking some of the spark of the series. However this film is funnier than the first but seems to be lacking in the plot department.
    I was dissapointed with Aidan's storyline in the film as it seemed out of character.
    The end seemed a bit rushed like in the first film.
    I would recommend this to fans and people wanting a light hearted chick flick, nothing ground breaking but an all around good film.

  8.  New Moon


    I saw this film on opening day and have already planned to go again.
    The film is so much better than twilight and really true to the book, the time doesn't drag on.
    However my only complaint is the whole Italy sequence seems really short.
    It's well worth a watch. Go see and pre order. :)

  9.  Dollhouse


    I've always been a big fan of Joss Whedon so decided to give the show a try even though a few reviews i've seen have said that it was boring.
    The idea behind the show is very creative, dolls or actives are imprinted with personalities to carry out fantasies or roles for clients.
    Each episode uses Echo as a new doll role which I thought would make it hard to like a character as they keep changing, but the underlying theme of the show is what really makes a person. Echo plays a different role each episode but she is still there, developing connections which continue outside of her character state.
    As the series progresses you learn more about the characters, how they came to be in the dollhouse, and who they were beforehand.
    The first few episodes start off a little slow which is to be expected seen as they are explaining the dollhouse.
    There is some good action scenes and it is well worth a watch, don't give up on it early on stick with it as the show grows and you should appreciate it.

  10.  Twilight


    Pleasantly surprised, I watched this film expecting to hate it for going so far against the vampire genre.
    However I found it to be a good film if you don't take it as a vampire movie, vampires sparkling in sunlight, not having fangs is a little off putting and got a few laughs.
    Suitable for younger viewers as you don't really see much of the violence as it cuts away, this may bother people as its a vampire movie without the action but things are left upto the imagination (or not if you don't want to know what happens).
    As for the love story it was sweet at times but there was also hints of a abusive relationship in there, as he was very controlling and she had to suppress herself to be around him. Honestly i'd rather be watching Buffy and Angel for the love story and more traditional vampiric behaviours but its a pretty good alternative and I would watch it again.
    Though i'm not sure it lived up to the hype I am now interested in looking into the books too.