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  1. Time


    Rod Stewart - CD

    29 New from  €5.53  Free delivery

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     Play it again Rod


    This is Rod's most impressive album since"every picture tells a story"it could easily have been entitled "Every song tells a story".Older fans who bought the former album, over 40 years ago,will feel the excitement as each track is eclipsed by the next.I have listened to Time every day since getting it and every day I have danced ,laughed and cried along as these songs bring back memories to me of episodes and encounters in MY life.
    The best album this century Buy it now!

  2.  finding her niche


    This album is a showcase for Charlotte's talents,she demonstrates her versatility and the pure quality of her voice,which at no time sounds over stretched.With each new female vocalist that comes along the competition becomes greater,but on the evidence of this album Charlotte Church is fully capable of taking on all comers.

  3.  An important slice of social history


    When i first saw this film in the cinema my girl friend, with whom i saw it, turned to me half way through and whispered to me "It's just like being at home". She was right, the victorian values held by James Mason's character echoed her own father's and many men like him, men who had raised children during the permissive "swinging"60s and had struggled to accept the speed at which the second half of the 20th century had galloped away from the first half. This film is a perfect stepping stone between films like This happy breed and the likes of Mike Leigh's Secrets and lies in the development of the modern family. That said, this boasts a superb cast who tell an enthralling story in a most entertaining way and is definately one of the films to see before you die and preferably before you have children .

  4.  a weird genius


    This guy used to appear on the bernard braden show in the 60s and each week would sing one of these perculiar songs.every one was a little jem of excentric comedy ,mr thackary is a one off and i cannot wait to hear them again.

  5.  a true ensemble piece


    Despite acting her socks off, in the role she was born for,winona rider ultimately failed to secure her first oscar due to the wonderful cast she helped assemble around her . All the main characters and supporting cast are at the top of their game, and deliver one of my top ten films, which i watch once a year,usually around christmas and enjoy it every time.direction ,production and score are all excellent ,the certificate definition is accurate "suitable for all" .returning to miss rider,she never seems to get the credit she deserves,hopefully she will re-emerge from her recent troubled private life to achieve her oscar.

  6.  world cinema at its best


    This could become the breakthrough film for all you people that dont realize what you are missing.ugh subtitles give it a try penelope cruz is not only a superb actor, but a very sensual woman.in this film hopefully she can open up the box of delights which is world cinema for the english speaking market. Could be the best fiver you ever spend.

  7.  less is more


    Scarlett johansson is at her best when she gets you wondering what she is thinking,in this film she does it to perfection. Released in the same year as lost in translation ,this is by far the better performance. She plays the protestant servant in the house of the catholic johannes vermeer ,and briefly becomes his muse for his famous enigmatic portrait .the limited diologue helps to highlight the tensions and difficult position griet finds herself in .after watching this film please take the time to read the book ,as it will enhance your enjoyment of the film .

  8.  An actor you can trust


    Jodie Foster is such an actor ,and in this film reminds us how good her judgement is. she plays the reluctant viilante with just the right mix of menace and vulnrability ,and turns a familiar theme into an enthralling and thought provoking film,Terance Howard as usual is excellent . More like a modern Taxi Driver than Death wish ,however fans of both films will enjoy.