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  1.  sicker than the 1st


    I managed to see this a couple of nights back, be warned if you thought the 1st one was sick, this will have you holding a sick bag. remember this is cut, missing around 3 minutes, but still pretty brutal, sick heads will LOVE IT.

  2.  great film


    about a fat school boy turned zombie whose power lays in an asthma pump, classic :)

  3.  scariest film? nah,


    people who made blair witch done a better job than this, not even scary :| avoid, if you really want to a paranormal film, buy the Entity

  4.  Death trip is exactly what you will want to do


    after watching this, terrible film, nothing new to this story only thing is it's in 3D, pointless film, avoid

  5.  gripping


    I watched this and thought i'd give it a go as i had heard mixed reviews, but to my surprise i really enjoyed this, I thought maybe this was just going to be a load of rubbish prequel but i enjoyed this one more than the 1st one, buy it!

  6.  all good for the price


    I got it today, its excellent, loads of space, buy it :D

  7.  love button moon


    I use to watch this as a kid and loved it, i'll probably buy this sometime...also to the person commented below me, you said its not on 1 hour 43 mins, you say it's 103 mins, well 103 mins is 1hr 43 mins lol

  8.  classic


    Great zombie film, and this version isn't cut i own it, ive seen the cut version sold that and bought this, this includes the eye tear on the broken wood :D

  9.  excellent


    Great value for money 9.99 for 12 hours of classic mask, you gotta get this!

  10.  excellent


    I bought this just after xmas, great monitor, fantastic value