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  1.  Not actually 4K


    This is the normal 1080p film with the colour range in Full mode, which funnily enough is the standard colour range for a Blu-Ray at the standard resolution for a Blu-Ray.

    This is just funny badvertising designed to make money, all modern big-budget feature films are filmed on cameras with a 4k or greater resolution with CGI from greater than 4k resolution.

    Once they have their media in the edited version of the film, they downscale it to 1080p at the standard RGB 0-255 colour range and write it to Blu-Rays for you to watch.

  2.  Get it on blue-ray


    I was massively dissapointed when the Blu-Ray version of this long-film was pulled off the pre-order list so I got it on DVD instead. This *should* continue on from the series "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" but I think somwhere I've missed some episodes that may have been in the manga.

    Nonetheless it's a treat to watch, but I can tell it would have been awesome if it was on blue-ray :D

  3.  Solid remake


    A much improved version over the original, I think that it accidentally serves as a good counterpoint to District 9.

    Where D9 was a socio-political commentary with great CGI and aliens, Battle: LA (2011) hearks back to the 90's Action Sci-Fi flicks this time with better CGI, storyline, characters and tempo. Where the two films cross over is that the alien CGI is top-notch and very creative, good for sci-fi and military enthusiasts.

    A must-have for the Sci-Fi collectionist, a probably-must-have for the macho film lover.

  4.  A rather good product!


    This item is the cheapest price for an 8-port Unmanaged Ethernet Switch but the product itself is very good.

    It's low-profile yet aesthetically pleasing design lends well to being put amongst your other electronics, in my case it sits on a TV stand with my Powerline Adaptor, XBox, PS3, BT Vision, PS2 and TV and it blends in well.

    From that I'd recommend this product for tidying up your home network, small LAN parties or as a small office desktop switch (or local area switch).

    This is as opposed to the much more expensive switches of the same spec that are designed to be in a cabinet in an office, so you get a less nice looking product for a higher price.

    To be honest you shouldn't need more than this at home, eight ports at 100MB/s (Most ethernet adaptors from games consoles, televisions and computers are the 100MBs standard instead of 1GBs/1000MBs) is more than enough for simultaneous video streaming and gaming without humanly detectable slowdown. And for Thirteen pounds it's a bargain.

    Cons: The only contra-points I can think of are; That you don't have link-state lights at the back (Not that you need them for home computing), You can't dim the general LED's (Activity only) at the front and I've not been able to discern it's power consumption because I want to leave this item on 24/7.

  5.  Solid monitor, shame about the colour


    A good LCD monitor with great response time and clarity, the 1920x1200 resolution across the 24" screen is such that you can display loads of information without straining your eyes.

    Easily variable brightness and colour scheme settings from the touch pannel bezel mean you can adjust for a lot of things, however the monitor seems to shift black to have a green tint.

    Also be aware that since this monitors native resolution is not 1080, if you attempt to play Blu-Ray or protected media on this monitor it will be streched to fill the screen resulting in aliasing.

    If you don't have a BDVD Player on your computer however, its a very solid yet affordable monitor.

  6.  Pretty Epic, must have, Blu-Ray 3D.


    This fourth full-motion foray into the Resident Evil film series is a brilliant film on its own and a must-have if you have other films in the series. For fans of the game its the most true to the characters, Milla Jovovich and Paul W.S. Anderson have learned so much from the series that the characters feel true to the original games.

    The special features are great, not just the run-of-the-mill Our-Film-Is-So-Awesome features. Its a detailed rundown of everything from characters, sets, technology and production research.

    The 3D is the official format of Blu-Ray 3D (Checkerboard 1080 essentialy) which the film uses so well, I would say barring JC's Avatar (Not available in Blu-Ray 3D at the time of writing) its the best Blu-Ray 3D film available so far.

    A must have film for the Resi Evil collector or for someone looking to add an epic zombie film to their collection.

  7. MAG



    4 New from  £7.03  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.74

     Truly Awesome Game (TAG)


    It started out rocky but over a year on its now in its second generation (MAG V2.04 at the time of writing) and with two pay-for expansion packs out at GBP 8.00 ea it covers multi-player games from twelve-a-side to thirty two-a-side three way to a massive sixty four-a-side battle with a huge amount of battle gear.

    With one character slot by default and the option of two subscriber slots to expand your experience you take control, this game is a must-have in your library if only because the massive amount of players means you will always get a good game no matter the time of day or year.

    Only consider reviews of the game since August 2010 because it has changed so much since release (Until of course they go to MAG 3.0), at GBP 25.00 its a little pricey but if you want to guarantee disc quality its worth it, never pay more than GBP 15.00 for a pre-owned verison.

    See you on this digital battlefield :)

  8.  Increases resolution and definition but...


    The assembly is too large and heavy and the cables after the splitter are too short, the positive side is the audio (red and white) are tagged together with a little clear plastic label marked 'Audio'. However its so heavy altogether it can damage modern, thin, TVs and the weight also pulls the cable apart inside the contacts leading to colours dropping out.

    If you get it either reinforce your TV and cables, have a TV that has the connectors pointing downwards or use one of the cheaper products that is lighter.

  9.  Highly instructional


    As in, its not a demo disc for your brand new 3D TV, its a highly instructional video in the art of painting on glass and turning it into a 3-Dimensional structure (Or many more dimensions than that if you consider it :P ).

    3 Stars because its:
    a) Old school
    b) Not 3D :)

  10.  Great film, but


    Don't buy this film if you are looking to watch it using your Active LCD shutter, Polarised lens or any other type of 3D (Such as Sony LED TVs, Panasonic LED TVs, Acer Projectors).

    Unfortunately this film only comes with a Red/Green 3D version of the the film, however its an awesome film that hearks back to the days when films aimed at younger audiences were scarier :D.

    Surely films that don't feature modern 3D content should be labelled as such btw.