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  1.  Works fine


    Now i have not playes played the Wii sports resort game that came with my Wii very much, but when i could only play 1 player when my friends came round i had to get a controller, so i could play New super mario bros. and mario kart wii together, but you can not buy the controller sepeate to the motion plus, so i either have to buy a black wiimote which is what i want for my recently purchased black wii, or a much cheaper white one which fulfills my needs

    just get a white wiimote unless you want one for sports resort or have a need for a black one

    all in all great controller, but make sure you need the motion plus

  2.  Howdy!


    I saw this animation in november '09 and loved the whole thing, sure the animations aren't the best but everything else is faultless, awesome story, awesome voices (they used david) awesome enemies, awesome companions and i think that the animations suit dreamland so that isn't really a problem for me but may be for some others, all in all its a nice little episode to watch and is great for younger kids,

  3.  Note to Sony - This is how its done


    The Xbox 360 elite is an amazing console, and i will tell you why.
    First off i've had mine for 2 years 5 days so i do know quite a bit about it. Just to get the red rings aside yes, they do get them and funnily enough mine got it on its 2nd birthday but microsoft repaired it for free and ever so quickly

    Controller - I like nice big controller, i am a massive fan of the dreamcast controller and the xbox controller s but unfortunatley we're running on batteries so buy yourself a play 'n' charge kit before its to late

    The games - Anyone who has not heard of halo, lock yourself in a cupboard and never speak to anyone again, There are many other great exclusives such as Lost planet, The orange box, and loads more, this is a massive library of games.

    The accesories - It has many accesories such as a Wireless headset, wired controller, another hard drive memory cards and more

    Xbox 1 playback - This console plays more xbox 1 games than any other xbox sysytem having 450 + titles

    Hard Drive - I have only used 30 gb yet and have hundreds of game files and have downloaded loads of stuff

    Live - Undoubtedly the best live system, sure it isn't free but here on play.com its only 12.99 for a 3 month card and you get what you pay for

    Console - I'm not a massive xbox 1 fan and prefered the PS2 and still love my PS1 but heck sony, what have you done with the PS3, you've ruined it but the psp is good. Sure its still as loud as a vacum cleaner but the array of games, the massive hard drive and the live system makes me love this console more than any i other owned (yes you heard more than my PS1)

    Upgrade - This was my first Next gen console and i havn't owned another 360, If you're new to the 360 then get this but if you have a 20gb, 60gb arcade, halo, or core console then you can just buy a hard drive and at the moment the 250 gb hdd in black has come out, so if you have a 360 then just get the hard drive (if you need it) and if you don't get this, its the best machine on the market and the best device maybe thing i've ever bought

    Well done Microsoft

    Thanks for reading

  4.  Get the White one


    Ever since i heard of the Wii i knew i had to had one, but never got one, until i saw this beauty. It looked great but compared to the white one, nothing else. I personally think that a white wii for the same price with these games is better simply because of the accesories.


    The Wii fit board, why spend an extra 10 pound on a black cover

    The Classic Controller, The black classic controller has been redesigned and personally the white one is much more comfy, and above all, classic

    The controller, when purchasing a black wii controller it is 45 pounds because it already includes motion plus, i don't want a white one because i bought a black wii but i don't want a motion plus when i hardly ever use it.


    Shockingly it has no DVD playback which could af made the black wii better than the white wii, but no

    The games that come with it, Wii sports is a must have, great fun, wheras wii sports resort is good fun but not something i would dish 50 quid on for it.

    Wii's games, The wii has few legendary games like Nintendo's first nes or its succesor the snes or even its 64 which still used cartridges back in the day. But the virtual console store lets you access all of these including some Turbografix games,Mega drive and atari 2600 games

    The Wii, now you're probably thinking: heck, he's made a lot of critisism's for a 4 star reveiw, but its about the console, all in all the wii is a one of a kind that will spawn off many other console trying to follow in its lead, such as the project natal for the 360.
    It may not have a games library of the 360, or get turned on as much as my 360 but its still great

    just remeber

    Get the White Wii -

    Thanks for reading

  5. Halo



    2 New from  £29.68  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.90

     AMAZING in campaign, not so in multiplayer....


    This is the best game i have ever played! Even now, owning COD4 CoD: WAW and Halo 3 this is by no means outdated, lets start

    still amazing even now in 2009! the landscapes are fantastic and really engage you in the game. The flood are detailed and really make you scared, especially in the dark.......... The covenant look so weird and alien and it really makes me feel as though i am there

    Epic, amazing, fast, thrilling, With a somewhat shorter than expected yet not dissapointing variety of weapons, i love the somewhat early in the game sniper mission.

    The covenant weapons are ace, personally i like the needler (homing needles that explode!)
    The human weapons don't dissapoint either, with the sniper, assault rifle etc.

    Best story ever! absoloutley amazing, in short the campaign is 5 star

    Here's the downside, multiplayer
    there's no bots or online, its a pity wasting the maps like that, playing slayer with 2 people isn't fun but luckily, i made the jump to ssystem link and with 2 xbox's it was 4 on 4 so this is were it gains a star, if your looking for a multiplayer game then this isn't for you............. unless you have system link, i hoped it helps