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  1.  Not Worth The Price Tag... More Like DLC


    When this game was announced i was like a kid in a sweet shop with excitement, then i actually got the game. The game itself is not bad, they have changed the way to change weapons and the amount you can carry (for example you can't carry 2 weapons and a pistol it's now 2 weapons only) But when playing the campaign I was just starting to get into it and it finished and this only took me about 3-4 hours... Aftermath is another part which takes place during Gears 3 and is once again just like an expansion pack. The only thing that saved this game from 1 star is the multiplayer which is always a good feature in gears games. I suggest you wait till this game drops in price ALOT before buying it.

  2.  Great game!


    I got this game on day of release and it is fantastic! The graphics are sharp and the additional features are spot on. If you are a fan of the hitman series you will love this!

  3.  Such A Letdown


    I had been looking forward to this game ever since i heard of it being in production. Then it arrived.... it seems like they have pretty much made some mediocre game and slapped a Capcom/Resident Evil sticker on the front of it. The cover system is shockingly bad and the lack of ammo is idiotic. This game could of had so much potential if they had actually sat down and concentrated on the simplest of things. Online play seems to be a bit better than single player but still has major flaws. Wait for it to be in the sin bin before wasting 40 quid like i did.

  4.  Gears Of War Meets Mass Effect


    When i played the demo of this game i was like hmmm this game could be something. So i went with my gut feeling and bought it and i am glad i did. Graphically this game is fantastic and the smoothness of the gameplay is unreal. the controls are alot similar to gears of war but it has that mass effect sort of feel to it. there is room for customising your weapons etc and a storyline and characters that suck you into the game and want you to come back out all guns blazing.

    Truly a game worth buying.

  5.  The Re-Birth Of Some Classics


    Metal Gear Solid is the sort of game that cannot be compared to anything else and once you buy this game you will find out why. Fantastic collection to play superbly remastered in HD to bring that cutting edge feel to an already fantastic collaberation of classics.

    i reccomend this for anyone wanting a challenge.

    Just a shame the first Metal Gear Solid wasn't included in it.

  6.  want MMA? Pick a real MMA game


    When i first heard about this game i was so excited about the potential of this game....then i bought it...it was being traded in within 2 hours. It's sluggish and extremely arcadey. One minute you are kicking someones backside then the computer decides to go crazy and whoops you from nowhere with no way of a comeback. If you want an MMA game, get a UFC one. They know how it's done

  7.  this game is UFC on the button


    this game is graphically amazing, seeing the cuts and bruises form on the fighters as they are pummeled as well as the sweat dripping off them while fighting,

    the fighting mechanics are fantastic, after a few goes of the tutorial you will be a takedown master, the demo only has 2 fighters(liddell and shogun rua) but the full game is filled to the brim with your favourite fighters.

    this game is the ultimate fighting game of the year, the commentary is fantastic and you can clearly see the detail put into this game.
    highly reccomended for any UFC fan or even any fan of fighting games.

    pre ordered this 3 months ago, defo worth the wait.

  8.  EA must of rushed this game


    More of an online game rather than an offline one.
    Extremley short and easy to complete and just seems wrong in so many areas.
    With constant glitches throughout the game, repetitive objectives and characters repeating their lines over and over and over again it kind of sucks the fun out of the game.
    Wouldnt of hurt to touch up on the graphics either.

  9.  guitar hero wishes it was this


    Being a major fan of guitar hero and rockband i can safley say this is the best game out of the lot. The songs are bigger the gameplay is longer and everything is just spot on.
    U can use all ur downloaded songs from rock band one on it as well as entering a code on the back of your manual u can get exclusive tracks and extras

  10.  best NFS title yet


    This is by far the best need for speed game out to date, the graphics are fantastic and the graphics and game capabilities leave u drooling at the mouth

    Highly reccomended for any racing fans or anyone up for money well spent