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  1.  Best film ever


    Wont bore you, will just get to the point. Beyond epic, and blu ray quality of both sound and picture is perfection.

  2.  Another awesome middle earth movie


    In my opinion,the lord of the rings movies are the best movies ever made,and whilst this is not as deep or moving,it still is leagues above other fantasy movies,and featured much more action than i expected.
    The picture is 10/10 as is the sound

  3.  Another great Brit fick


    When you see a spectacular movie,you almost always end up let down,as they do not live up to your expectations. I had no high expectations with this and i thoroughly enjoyed it. Problem is,now that i have told you this,you will now have higher expectations...bah. Really do recommend it though,it is a great dark comedy.

  4. U.F.O.



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     not worthy of one star


    It states "starring Jean Claude Van Damme" yet he is hardly in it (just like the latest universal soldier)and even if he were,it wouldnt help much,as he is really out of place in this borefest.

  5.  Brilliant!


    This is fantastic! my wife and i,laughed out loud,quite a few times.Its similar to trains,planes and automobiles,but i liked this more.

  6.  love it


    A definite improvement on any previous release,and is in my opinion the best of anything the pythons ever did

  7.  massive let down


    Big stars,decent budget,i expected an exciting thriller,but got a tedious yawnfest.No reason at all to own this,let alone on bluray

  8.  spoiler alert


    A decent film,let down by a slow pace and it leaves too much to the imagination. It also (spoiler coming) does not tell you how the killers where caught,or if the main guy was disturbed or just an over zealous viglante.Its definitely not needed on bluray.as there is nothing you will benefit from in higher res

  9.  truly terrible


    Not remotely funny,original or interesting. The director seems to think we will all find the fat black woman hilarious,but she is terrible,and cant come close to pulling off a Jamaican accent. Stiller plays it completely straight, Murphy shouts and seems more threatening than amusing. I hated this one

  10.  A must have


    I read a negative review on the 2011 movie,but boy do i disagree! i absolutely loved it. The sound and picture is great too,with some great extras