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    A great little speaker. Of course the sound isnt room filling or particularly robust. But for less than a tenner? Go buy!!
    A great alternative to headphones when, like my partner shes expecting a phone call or a knock at the door simply sit your player on top and slide the jack to left, right or center to fit the look of both player and speaker symetrically. Certainly a suitable buy for a stick type mp3 player thats cost you under 20 quid. The build quality is excellent with a neat metal grill.



    Though my four year old took great delight in being able/allowed to scribllle all over this plush toy with the two coloured marker pens that come with the package. And the UV pen and torch is cleverly designed into part of a small plastic shaggy articulated figure when it came to finding what had been written secretly, the uv light just didnt do what it said it would on the box. So a very poor 2 stars is all it gets. And makes me wonder whether the marker pens ink is truly washable....

  3.  In a frame


    this will look good, however in my lack of wisdom and trying to get all the extended family little gifts on a strict budget, somehow handing over this in its tube container doesnt quite do it and screams out budget but thats my own fault!

  4.  Could be better


    This is still boxed however if you do like to try before you buy and havnt seen this on any shop shelves then the tunes played are nice and of good quality. Upsy Daisys eyes close in classic doll fashion. The plastics used on the cot are not of the best quality when you consider the price. And the noise when the cot moves could be a lot quieter.It just scrapes 3 stars considering its for a 2 and a half year old who will needless to say adore it.

  5.  Warning


    This hat is way too itchy even after washing for my better half to wear. Wich is dissapointing as she loved the look and fit of it.

  6.  Amazing buy


    My partner says its the best gift shes ever received.Shes always been put off getting an mp3 playing because she thought it would be complicated to use now she says she couldnt be without it and cant believe the amount of music she can now carry with her on something so tiny in comparison to her md player.
    The build quality for something so small and dainty is great

  7.  Cant believe this is yet to receive a review


    Excellent quality easy to mount on wall a nifty little remote control great accompanying CD worth painting a bedroom midnight blue to accomodate this on the wall fantastically life like

  8.  lovely little gift


    My better half whos 33 adores this bear, though shes having to share it with my 4 year old son who loves it just as much.Its now become part of his bedtime routine.The smell of lavender is fantastic however once heated it does lose a little of the aroma and a slight smell of wheat is then apparent.But this is a minor quibble overall and the bear remains warm for a good couple of hours.A very popular stocking filler this Christmas I think.

  9.  Two fingers stuck upright and proud


    to Coldplay Keane Snow Patrol and the rest. These guys have true greatness flowing through their blood. Each track inspires within me a different kind of smile. You can hear The Clash a mile off but when would that ever be a bad thing? They tell it how it really is not how certain other bands (please see above) tell it with mock angst and mournful fake lustfullness for a better life.If you get me then get this itll automatically be in your top ten list and probably stay there for life.

  10.  Good quality


    I think 3 stars is fair as it will remain unopened till christmas day but you can try it out through a hole in packaging and I know my 4 yr old son will love it.The voice recording is spot on with no tinny crackly background noise you can get on talking plush type toys. And the way Scooby nods his head is very well done and so cute!