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  1.  cake decoration set


    very poorly made,arrived damaged with marks on it all,the contents were in the packaging loose as the plastic box was supposed to close but the closure was in the bag too!It even had rubbish throw away icing bags,not a real quality permanent one as I expected" to make quality cakes at home with "as described I could in the advert.Worse set I ever saw.Only 12 lines of intended instruction on a leaflet too no use at all!!

  2.  not the best kitchen timer I have had!


    Sadly looking for a new timer this one fell apart inside but before that was very hit and miss at going off or not so not reliable due to this opting for a digital hope my next one's better!Can't say not to buy this but really feel you can find a better one!!

  3.  Drive Angry


    I just watched this film and thought it was great!I know some people don't rate Nicholas Cage as much of an actor I don't think that's fair and he's great in this film and so is "The Accountant"It has violence but also humour and compassion too and there isn't a dull or slow moment ,wrongs need to be put right and that's the intention of Nicholas Cage.I don't rate a 5 much but felt this deserved it!

  4.  Sons of Anarchy: season 4,the story continues


    I started watching this at season 1 as I'm a fan of" Ron Perlman" But all the cast are amazing and where others continue to make more the stories suffer but with Sons of Anarchy it draws you in and you can't wait to see what will happen next. Another great thing is that you get such great extras with each box set.I could never grow tired of this series and can watch it again and again having my own here at home,It's amazing!

  5.  cats and dogs 2


    just watched this with my son it was very good and very funny with a great cast,think of James bond but with cats and dogs great fun!!!

  6.  cry baby A gem of a film!


    I have this on dvd had it a few years so glad to find it as saw it about 20years ago on tv & wish I had recorded it!Johhny Depp is amazing as Cry baby & there's also Ricky Lake & Iggy pop in it too it's a great cast,well executed,well done John Walters too!Mine also has extra's including interviews with cast & director,it's a really feel good film & has to be in your Johnny Depp collection!

  7.  Triangle (2009)


    starts out pretty good,gets very odd & leaves you confused then picks up only to have a really bad ending not a good film in my opinion plenty of other's much better to watch still Melissa George get's two different roles to play & does quite well,it's not her fault it's such a disappointing film is it?

  8.  Moonlight season 1 (the only season sadly)


    I really got into this it's a shame they only did this one & never made a second,it's so frustrating when they do that!there's plenty happening in each episode I found the reporter/love interest a bit annoying at times & it was quite annoying that nothing really happened romantically between them,I suppose you just accept they get together & live happily ever after!I do feel another actress may have played the reporter role much better & created some needed chemistry between Alex 0'Loughlin is great as Mick St.John he played his part fantastically!his vampire friend (Jason Dohring)was a nice addition to the show too!It's a great addition to your vampire dvd collection.

  9.  HAWAII FIVE-O(2010)


    Watching this on sky pretty good show I feel it's ideal for almost everyone except maybe very small children due to the violence,the characters are very likeable & the banter between Danno & Steve is great!very enjoyable!Also there is another story going on regarding Steve's parents death,def worth getting I plan too!

  10.  supernatural 6 volume 1


    AMAZING!!!! We were told season 5 was the last ever then season 6 arrived yippee!It has the humour,action & of course demons etc it's got to be in every fan's collection,I have all previous seasons & none disappoint!Dean has the added pressure of does he stay with Lisa & Ben or leave!you're gonna love it I do!