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  1.  Missed opportunity.


    I'm a massive Alien fan, so when I saw the trailer and reviews for this game, I rushed out and got it. Initially, i was impressed. Great graphics, good, solid story. There are a lot of stealth games out there, and I do like them. However, this game soon became a chore, and boring. It would be ok if the chores and stealth was a small part of the game, but here, its the majority.Tedium sets in very quickly- there is simply not enough to hold your attention.

  2.  Ive seen scarier CBEEBIES.


    Radcliffe was an ok child actor.And a very lucky one at that. Getting the Harry Potter gig, ensured he could only do one film at a time, and is set up for life. This film shows that as an adult actor, he is mediocre.But even the film around him isn't good enough to carry him. I heard some people tell me just how scary it was. Apart from a couple of 'jumpy' bits, I would say it is hardly scary at all. Its around the campfire at night with a torch ghost story stuff. But a promise of one,that ultimately doesn't deliver.

  3.  not impressed.


    . I was disappointed in this. Being a Brit, I knew hardly anything about the American civil war, and loving history, I wanted to find out more. I bought the book, but thought I would watch this first. Long list of great actors, should be good? Not for me. Having got past the amount of ridiculous looking fake beards and tashes,what spoilt it for me was the constant overwhelming,off putting music. Yes,the movie is supposed to be patriotic, but it is constant,and most of the time loud, especially when there is no action. Then there is the acting, Apart from Jeff Daniels, everyone else seems to be hamming things off, and sounding like they are memorising lines from memory, instead of actually 'acting' them. Case in point, is Sam Elliot.Just not convincing. And Martin Sheen just seems to shuffle from one scene to another. This is a 4 hour long affair, I lasted about an hour and a half before waving the white flag. Not for me, im afraid.

  4.  At last....


    I've enjoyed all the Marvel films so far, and enjoyed the first Captain America film, but in the Avengers movie, I thought he was a bit weak. Was getting fed up with the 'jokes' about him being old etc. But here, this film is tight, and a bit darker. Its basically tinker,tailor soldier spy meets a superhero film. Chris Evan's Steve Rogers/Captain America finally comes across as being comfortable in his own skin. Possibly for me, since the first Iron Man movie, the best Marvel superhero film to date.

  5.  Dull.


    I was looking forward to this.Having been a fan of Game of Thrones etc, I love anything that is,or looks historical. I tried - got to halfway through the 4th episode before I gave up.It just drags along at a snails pace.Even fighting scenes are lethargic.Just couldn't get into it.

  6.  Disappointment.


    This film was practically released the same time as Olympus has fallen. But, this is a much weaker film.Despite a number of good actors - Jamie Foxx, James Woods , it just fails to deliver. Channing Tatum, although was quite good in The Eagle, is woefully rubbish in this - acting by numbers. Do yourself a favour, don't waste your money and time on this, go for the much better Olympus has fallen.

  7.  It's 'OK'.


    Better than Hannibal, but not as good as silence of the Lambs.In fact, the 1980's version of Red Dragon - Manhunter, is far more superior. Yes,the acting in this is good, but this version just lacks something.

  8.  Another 'churned out' animated film.


    Interesting for the first 10 minutes,then lost its appeal. An example of Hollywood's animated,unoriginal conveyer belt films. Even my young godsons were quickly bored of this.

  9.  A film that seems to polarise people.


    Some of my friends didn't enjoy this, some did.So I bought this blindly.I personally really enjoyed it.Yes,it has jaw-dropping effects,but the story and acting was top notch.Word of warning though - if you haven't got a decent sized tv,then forget it.I don't think this film will come across as wsell on small/normal screen tvs.(oh,and if you have a decent surround sound system - enjoy!).

  10.  good,solid entertainment.


    In a few ways, this is better than the first thor film. Good story, great action, a great addition to your superhero dvd/blu ray collection.