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  1.  all that glitters isnt gold.


    A visual treat,great effects. Its a shame its let down by such a slow,plodding,mundane story.I kept watching it hoping that it would pick up,and I would know what the hell it was about.Then it ended,and I was none the wiser. Don't bother wasting your money on this.

  2.  So-so drama.


    I only watched this recently,and although it had its good points (some of the acting was well done) there were a few issues for me.Firstly,the accents.Majority of the actors decide to use clipped upper class English,although a fvew do decide to have German accents.The Scottish Carlyle,for some reason,has decided to do his best Ross Kemp impression. Then there is Peter o'Toole's ridiculous padded suits,to make him,and failing,to look like the chubby President Hindenburg.Then there is Robert Carlyle himself.His performnce (dodgy accent aside) is quite good.The problem with him,is he looks nothing like Hitler,despite the bog standard theatrical bog standard glued on tash.In fact,he always likes like he could do with being fed a bit more,to plump him up a little. (in some scenes,he looks like a boy dressing up in his dad's suits). Certainly not a bad drama, but there are better.

  3.  A so-so and predicable film.


    After a fairly amusing begining,this film goes off the boil pretty quickly.After getting the gist,i couldnt be bothered,so ended up fast forward,just to confirm the very predictable end.Also, the CGI of the 'bonies' was laughable,and amatuer.

  4.  Hasnt aged well.


    Loved this film as a kid,so was looking forward to seeing it again,and in HD.Have to say, im a bit disappointed.The blu ray transfer is simply awful. No doubt better than the normal DVD version, but i cant imagine by much.The film is very heavy on grain,and some scenes just look 'dirty'.Aparently the Britsh studio wasnted to create a version of 'where Eagles Dare.Unfortunetly,it comes across as a poor cousin.

  5.  Time for a rest,then reboot for this series.


    This game illustrates that both COD and MOH are tired series,and need to be rested.The formual is the same old,same old.Nothing new here.Boredom quicklt sets in.Time to be rested,then prehaps rebooted,prehaps back to world war 2, but with themes like tvs band of brothers,the pacific etc.All i know, is,after playing this,something needs to be changed.

  6.  waste of time.


    AFter seeing the trailer a while ago,i was really looking forward to this.How disappointing. The film is dull,with a couple of chuckle moments (near the begining).What then happens,is the showing of 2 unlikable characters,who are just plain weird, setting off on a very dull adventure.As tghe film wentt on, i disliked them more and more.The writing is ok, but i couldnt find any empathy or sympathy for the 2 main characters,and had to watch this film in a few installments,in the hope it got better.It didnt.

  7. Hanna



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     A breath of fresh air!


    This British-German production is a breath of fresh air from the usual Hollywood films.In fact,it feels like a european version of the Bourne films.Quirky,good acting,and relatable characters,and a good story.I would highly recommend this.

  8.  good,but no surprises.


    loved the first one, second one was ok.So why didnt i really enjoy this one? Great effects,story was good, but something i can't put my finger on,just was missing. Will get it for my collection,watch it maybe once a year,thats about it.

  9.  A surpise hit.


    .From the brilliantly executed effects of the crash (yes,its all plausible,everything that happens is based on actual crashes and situatation,And yes, big alirline planes CAN be flown upside down,its been done) to the superb acting from all concerned,and great script.Highly recommended.

  10.  slight disappointed in the blu ray transfer.


    North by Northwest - made in 1959, The Magnificent Seven - 1960,Doctor no - 1962, in fact,any of the Connery Bond films, all look superb on blu ray.So i waited with baited breath,really looking forward to the Great Escape blu ray treatment (as its one of my favouritre films,from child to adult). To be honest, i was slightly disappointed.Yes,compared to the normal DVD, its way better.fills the whole screen as well.But its not perfect.Slightly 'fluffy',nowhere near the perfect clarity and sharpness of,say,Connery Bond films, so it cant be argued that a film of a certain age cant be transferred perfectly.Still, happy enough with this, just initial slight disappointment.