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  1.  Didn't get it at first... But then it got me good.


    There's been a colossal amount of feedback from fans and the media alike regarding this album. I have to admit I didn't know what to expect and upon my first listen I let the trashy reviews get to me and I was pretty disappointed... however a fair few considered listens later the fog cleared and I have to say I really like it. First up, if you're a thrash nut who listens to stuff like slayer, early tallica, kreator, testament etc then no, this isn't the album for you, check out Endgame. But, as we've witnessed from CTE to now, Megadeth can do a lot more than thrash and this is one of their finest examples.

    After Endgame came out I thought wow, they've smashed it, what are they gonna do next? Th1rt3en was good, but I have to admit I didn't think it was up to par in the same way, but then it was their last record for Roadrunner so I think it was probably done to finish the contract (hence the mish-mash of old demos/half-released songs from various eras and two songs written for video games).

    Super Collider is cut from an altogether different cloth. It's got genuinely some of the most interesting and new songwriting the band have put out in a while, I'm not going to claim they're the new grand innovators in metal or that no one else has done anything like this but I really like the sound and for Megadeth, this is pretty novel (check The Blackest Crow). There are plenty of really cool guitar licks, riffs and melodies that you wouldn't expect to hear from a deth record, though the core elements are still there in places. A key example would be Dance in the Rain. A fantastic track mixing old and new perfectly. And featuring some of Dave's best vocals in a while, plus a surprisingly good cameo from David Draiman (Disturbed/Device).

    Anyway it's hard to explain exactly why I like this album so much, but all I would say is, you're not all going to dig it fair enough, but, give it a fair go and try and ignore the biased reviews. Trust me, there are some super cool riffs and actually, with the D tuning, megs actually haven't sounded this heavy in a while, but it's Sabbath heavy, slower but crushing and really really cool (and you can definitely hear the Sabbath influences). A great example is the beginning of sorrow. Slower, but crushing with a super cool riff and some great singing.

    One final thing, the artwork is stunning. The cover's really cool (and is the best 3D cover I've ever seen, perfect idea) but wow, the booklet art is the best artwork Megadeth have had in the modern era and it is definitely up there with the classics. Cyborg/robot vic looks so damn badass, John Lorenzi has done a stellar job. I would get it just for that, I can't wait for my vinyl to arrive to see it in large!

    In conclusion, thrash nuts won't find much to love (Evile's new album Skull will do you there), but for those who fancy giving this a go, it rewards those who give it a fair chance... and there's the artwork!

  2.  You just have to


    tbh, metal core and anything scenish in any way makes my hands ache for something sharp to hold. so yes i would consider myself pretty damn tr00 :P blessed by a broken heart are the opposite. the ultimate party metal band started up for nothign other than the hell of it. and this is what makes the band so enthralling. the fact that they can take themselves seriously (and the yreally do) amongst the sea of bland metalcore dribble that populates the metal market as of the moment deserves utmost respect. If you need a soundtrack to the most brutal metal party, this is the one. If you are a grizzly death/thrash vet liek myself and need a guilty secret, this is the one. In the words of the brave lads "we got rock we don't need your money"

  3.  An amazing complation!


    Saw saxon with motorhead without ever having heard of them prior. Saxon destroyed motorhead live. So i thaught I better get some of their stuff. This looked ideal. An amazing compilation of all their old stuff, it really is a brilliant way to get into one of the most underated bands of the nwobhm.

    Sadly one flaw (which some would say is neglible) is that on the back of the cd case it lists denim and leather (one of my favourites live) as being on disc 1. This is infact untrue. Instead we have a live version of motorcycle man. This was slightly disapointing just because it said it was there yet when i played it of course, it wasnt. That said, play.com do not list denim and leather as being on the disc which is good as the packaging is wrong. odly enough my friend has this compilation with denim and leather and no motorcycle man (live). so obviously something has gone wrong somewhere in the distribution.

    All that said aside is a stunning compilation. I heartily recomend it to anyone. can't wait to see saxon at bloodstock in the summer.