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  1.  Fabulous n funny just what the doctor ordered!!


    Just went to the doctor for an MOT. The usual things to report back ..... loose weight and get more excercise. In the past i have dieted and stuck to it but found something inevitably happens to make me eat eat eat!!! its a vicious cycle really isn't it!.
    Recently i have made up my own diets but seeing as the doctor dealt with me with a certain degree of urgency i decided to go for something that worked when i was younger and actually kept the weight off ..... the dreaded diet book.
    Daft as it sounds i browsed the pages of play and amazon etc etc etc and the front cover of this one jumped out . I was drawn to it and bought it because it seemed down to earth and written by two ladies that had been there done tthat and written a book about it.
    Its written well, not too complicated to follow, i mean any diet that has bacon and eggs for the first days breakfast has my vote. It tells you plainly and in non frightening and non medically how your body will react to a new life style, this is a low carb high protien affair afterall.
    This diet works i have lost several pounds already and its only been a few days.
    The humour and frankness throughout is refreshing and made me feel less of a social diet leper.
    Thoroughly recommend this to all fellow fatties .......... good luck x

  2.  Im enjoying this game eventhough i have no rhythm :-)


    I must confess that this was only a second option game, i was looking at buying just dance, and im glad i found the price too steep.
    I have absolutely no rhythm and have found the dance routines a little difficult to master, but there is plenty to amuse me whilst i constantly step out of time, ie. the people taking part in the background!! is it me or are all the guy characters as camp as christmas?!! and there is also the intermittenet appearance of las vegas showgirls feathers and all, dancing away, i think this is down to level changes, im waiting to see who or what appears next, im thinking barry manilow singing coppacabana!!
    SERIOUSLY NOW ....................... this is a good workout game i sweat but i am quite unfit, the annoying part is having to stop to take a pulse reading, im not too good at this so my heartrate goes right down and i find it difficult to get motivated halfway through.
    The music/soundtrack is fantastic, the minigames are a nice interlude, the cardioboxing great fun - more my cuppa tea, but i do a mixture when i chose my programme, all in all i recommend this for a fun, dont take yourself too seriously workout.

  3.  Fantastic for Fitness


    Ive tried gym and found them to be very off putting so i really needed to find something that i could stick to at home, i bought the Wii a while ago and just by chance saw the game on play.com, i thought why not??? the best purchase on a whim that i ever made.
    The workouts incorporate boxing type exercises, and really do make you sweat, but you have to work hard and put your all into it. Not one of those fitness games that you can sit on your bottom and waggle the Wii controller and nunchuck about for half an hour.
    cant remember how much i paid for it now but it was well worth it.