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  1.  Loud Static Noise :S


    I bought these headphones a few years ago, they were great until my sister broke them, i just purchased a new pair however when i turn on the noise reduction i get a loud feeding static noise in the left ear that is very annoying, ino this should not be here, has anyone else had this problem?

  2.  Very Good


    Logitech for me have always been a good brand to invest you hard earnd money in.

    This was my lastest installment to my Logitech filled room.

    And i must say it is a great buy.

    Once i installed it all and got it working, i played a song and actualy was shocked by the amazing sound quality.

    Not only this but i have amazing speakers that i played full blast while talking on the microphone to test out its real abilty to drown out background sound, and i must say, i had the speakers on full blast, however the otherend of the conversation could hear me perfectly.

    A definate buy, 95/100 i rate this, not perfect because of a slighty dull built. Apart from this small nitpick it is a certain buy

  3.  Uhhhh


    Been waiting a week now to be in stock!!!
    I want this card :'(

  4.  ^^


    Great stuff, works fine with my computer ( if you are not sure if they will be compatiblem, read the spec of your computer to see if you memopry is DDR or DDR2, also you can do this buy looking at your existing RAM, it should say on the side) anyway. Great value, great quality, great savings. BUY THEM, my computer is now 3Gig RAM, fasters than lighting ^^

  5.  ^^


    I think it was these speakers that knocked down the 2 towers
    They are just that good, the bass shakes the house, and serveral houses down the lane, the sound quality is more brisk than a autums evening. WORLD CLASS speakers!!!
    and £80 reduced to £28.. Just buy these even if you dont need them, they look great XD