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  1.  one of the best yet!


    this figure is probably the second best gears of war COG figure yet (thats including marcus, Kim, Hoffman, Cole exc. the best is probably the COG soldier v.2) the inproved arm articulation is great and the detail on his helmet is great too. although he is just a baird figure with different arms and head he feels like a whole knew figure. I dont know what it is about him but he is just amazing. probably even the second best figure i own! i know the price is a little high but is well worth it!

  2.  awesome, as expected!


    I play as the grenadier elite in both gears games multiplayer and the figure is just as awesome as I thought he'd be! the articulation is great, he has rubber armour that dosent effect his movement at all and two grenades strapped to his waist. his hand is open wich was a disapointment but look on the bright side. since his hand's open he can hold any gears weapon yet! THIS FIGURE IS AWESOME!



    Before i begin, ham is amazing. This figure is great. I bought the 4 delta squad set and i was impressed. This is one of the best figures i own (along side resident evil exicutioner and the halo 3 brutes) this figure is amazing. A must buy!!!



    Before I begin, ham is amazing! Anyway, this figure I bought in a four set with all of Delta squad and I was impressed. This figure is the most detailed and articulated of them all. Its an amazing figure and it is one of the best figures I have. (I have alot!) Its a MUST BUY!!!

  5.  A MUST HAVE!!!


    At first I wasnt going to buy the Hunter figure because I was afraid of brakeing it the first day I got it like my other large figure (War chieftain). Boy, was i wrong! this figure is awsome! much bigger than I thought it would be, fairly posible and REALLY detailed! The spikes on his back are really sharp. I cut myself putting them onto his back. His Fingers on his right hand on his Fuel Rod Cannon move from batle pose (Inwords) and Normal (outwards). The only bad thing about this figure would be that he cannot get into the battle pose that Hunters attack in. Yet, not much of a problem when you put on display. This figure is a MUST BUY for ANY halo fan!!! definatly worth the money!

  6.  Okay figure


    the brutes have always been my least favourite member of the covenaunt. the figure has increadable detail, removable mask and fuel rod gun. this was the first figure i bought. its about a year old now and it has already lost both his hands! overall 3 stars

  7.  Amazing


    Elites have always been my favourite member of the Covenaunt. the figure has great detail and has good posablity. this is definatly my 2nd favourite figure (the arbiter is my first =D)

  8.  must have figure for any halo fan!


    Due to the arbiter being my favourite charector, i wanted the figure to look good. I was in for a surprize, the figure is very posable, has increadable detail and is among the only mcfarlane figures i have that isnt broken =D