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  1.  fight and flight not to miss


    if you've read the other books you know how good this series is and this book set's up the next and final book just right and you will be wanting the last book right after you finish this one there are few welcome return's even one right from the first book and the flock are now tested to there fullest extent its time to prove if they really can save the world and really trust each other.i got the book esle where but at the price play has it its great value and its the best book since the first hands down and i cant wait for the final book roll on next february.

  2.  no need to wish upon a star with this magical classic.


    this is a all tme classic its one of the best disney films ever made along side snow white , sleeping beauty.and jungle book this 2discs platinum edition has a lot of features and commentarys to keep you going for a few hours.if your young or old you cant help but love pinocchio they dont make them like these no more. yes it maybe digitally remastered but its lost none of its magic.

  3.  old painless predator


    the ownly reason ive not given this boxset 5stars is the copy of the film isnt that special but dont get me wrong its still worth the money its packed wit features and commentaries.i would bang on and on about the two films but as there are plenty doing that already so if your thinking of buying this boxset go right a head at 4.99 in the sales you cant go wrong.

  4.  do you see! yes i see get it and you will see


    Amazing film very dark you will feel creeped out by it.sam neill steals the show very creepy and dark his character seem normal at first then they get to the event horizon and he slowly goes mad and all hell kicks off .even a shinning type moment and the saying DO YOU SEE will be to burned into your head forever when you see this.and at the great price of just 2.99 it really is a must buy just by it and you will see.

  5.  fall into this black hole.


    ok let me start this review by saying yes this film has not aged well looks wise but its still a really good family film typical disney stuff like morals,and good vs evil characters the relationship between the two robots all the way through the film.its not a bad price for how old this film is so go on if you remember this film buy it its fun for all the family.

  6.  its cracking critters


    if you remember these films then you will know that the first is the best of the lot .but each of the films is funnny and the boxset is worth the money go on buy it you will not regret it.

  7.  wii fit plus adds more to the fun


    If you have got the first and think this is a cash in think again Its more than just a add on its a vast improvment on wii fit it feels now you can keep count of what you lose if you want to do that so you can have a good healthy diet.or just want to lose a bit for christmas or that specal event.the thing i like you can make your own work out or theres plenty set ones to work at if you dont know what to do at first.the ownly nick pick ive got is the pet and baby weighing thing you still have to hold them as you weigh but that a side.the games this time around are fun plus it has the old ones to so its a bargin if your new to wii fit or at 20 pound its still a bargin for them like me who have already got the first.and its got mult player so you just switch player now at the end of your turn which will cone in handy when playing it at christmas or partys.so good on buy it today you will not feel let down by it nintendo have done it again top mult player fun.

  8.  GOT WII sports resort you needed another one of these.


    if you have just got yourself a copy of wii sports resort you needed another one of these little works of joy ok the golf is messed up on wii sports resort but the rest is fine and you needed another motion plus to get the most out of it and at the price play has got them at is a right bargin in my eyes so dont wait buy one today and save yourself and shed load on this add on which doeant feel like you been ripped off if you had payed 25puls pound for it on its own.but beware it doesnt work on older games ownly new one with wii motion plus sign on it.

  9.  star fleet if anythings smaah star war for six.


    The best word to some up star fleet is epic on every level from start to finish and dont forget this was 1982 tv it wasnt just for kids the story you had to keep coming back week after week not till final fantasy7 did i get so excited state again.it made you care about them it make you laugh,cry and wonder how they made it look so good ok it looks a bit dated now a bit but its the story what helps star fleet and makes you love the show buy it now people.