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  1.  One of the best games ever!!!!


    This and the snes version are amazing!! There the best in the dk series and on the console! Amazing Levels, soudtracks and graphics! A MUST buy!!!!!

  2.  Not the best but definatly worth a watch!


    Well family guy is a crude comedy for adults so there are some awful moments! The rest however is pure genious! Worth a watch by any family guy fan. you can wtch ths for frree onlline thhough!

  3.  THIS IS JOKEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    well it is for a childrens hospital and it IS really funny! It has sketches from peep shows, the mighty boosh and other things too! I was laughing for two and a half hours! BUY IT NOW if you havent seen it!

  4.  Addictive and Fun byut nothing compared to the PC version!


    I got this game for my ps2 and i was addicted at first. Excellent graphics, the creativity and fun of this game makes it work! There are LOADS of features on the pc game which arent in this. Buy the pc version instead!!!!

  5.  Great improvement from Wii Fit!


    This includes all the activities from wii fit but it has a LOT of extras! There are an extra 20 activities on this game which include kung fu, cycling and rythm parade. This game also tell you how man6y calories you burn after each activity. Routines are also included. there are about 12 wii fit routines which focus on different things like form or health. You can also make up your own daily routine where you can chooses activities from muscle workouts and yoga. Multiplayer is another adition to this game! Fab game if you have the balance board!

  6.  Its Good but not as amazing as everyone says!


    Everyone i know is crazy about this film!! i watched it a few weeks ago and i thouht it was good but i dont think its amazing. I heards the books are amazing so i guess they are!!

  7.  Lasts up to 3-4 hours of gameplay!!!


    Ovi you get one with the conosole but if you break it buy it here! I guess its worth having one if you currently dont.

  8.  GOOD Game GREAT Storyline ANNOYING loading time though :(


    I love the sims especially the sims 2 on ps2. I got rid of my ps2 though and i missed the game so much i decided to buy it for my psp.
    At first i thought it was a waste of money but then got right into it and became addicted! The storyline is funny and interesting. The Graphics are quite good in places. Its not as good as ps2 version but is still a great game. The loading times are bad at times (hence the 4 stars). Great game could of been better but oh well!

  9.  THE KID


    One of the saddest books i have read a very moving story of negect and child abuse

  10.  Great Teen Comedy!


    This is a funny comedy about an LA rich girl who gets sent to boarding school in england. She tries to get herself expelled with the help of her new friends but, only gets to be expelled when she relizes she wants to stay.
    Some parts of the movie are alittle chessy but, there are plenty of jokes and it made me laugh.