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  1.  breathtaking


    I just reviewed the book, I read it first only this year and had wanted to see the film for a while and actually just watched it the other week.
    Once the film ended, I sat back and in the silence that followed between myself and my partner I whispered one word that describes this film entirely...'amazing.'
    You have not lived until you have seen this film and read the book, I was leaning forward in my seat at the climax with wide eyes filled with tears. It was the most powerful moving film I had ever seen in my life.

  2.  un-put-downable


    I just picked this up spontaniously one day in a bookshop having heard how good the film was I decided to read the book first. Absolutely amazing. It really draws you in and you feel like you're there watching everything.

  3.  Stunning


    Not a bad moment in this film. great visuals, great music, great characters. The animation blows you away.
    Henry Selick you are a genius!
    Need to buy the book now!

  4.  awsome!!


    Juat like old Mario! I only played on it the other day on my nephews game but im off to buy it myself. just as addictive and with new features like penguin mario and being able to pick up your opponent. And Yoshi's still there yay! ^_^

  5.  good workout!


    amazing teacher, I have loved rachel for many years. the workout that comes with these moves really does make you ache! so you know it's definately working to tone you up. it also makes you aware of your posture in bellydancing and gives you great strength in your arms, legs, back and stomach.

  6.  a-m-a-z-i-n-g


    one of the best dvds i have ever watched. you just want to get up and dance! and it combines humour with rythm (look out for the newspaper act) and the suspension part was amazing. you just want to get out a pan, wooden spoon and matchbox and start playing!

  7.  nostalgia!


    Oh my god! I love this album! It reminds me of my childhood, we had it on tape and i used to play it all the time in the car! ^_^ Eeep! I love every song, it makes me so happy!

  8.  astunding and shocking.


    I don't normally read crime books but my god this book is amazing! it had me totally hooked and the ending is sick and twisted. it's the fact that it can happen in real life that makes it so disturbing and gripping.
    Also read the treatment if you liked this book.

  9.  good so far


    I got this phone about a month ago and its my first touch screen and first phone from LG.
    Its a good phone and performs well and has nice quirky features like handwriting recognition.
    However I did have to buy a stylus, particularly for accuracy (especially on the handwriting and editing photos) but thats just me.
    Also the camera quality in dark isnt as good as I was made to believe, plus shooting a video in dim light is almost impossible even though it has night mode and flash to go with recording.
    So its good so far, just a few hiccups in my opinion.
    And i would recommened a case for it too.

  10.  A fantasy becomes reality.


    I read the book by chance, buying it in an offer with New Moon and Eclipse. I had no idea that it was due to be realeased as a movie so I went asap.
    I was glued to the screen for the full movie and everything was how I imagined it. Two great characters for Bella and Edward, and the actress for Alice couldn't have been better!
    I have read all four books and can't wait for the rest of the films to be released!