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  1.  Quirky, light and fashionable.


    Perfect for the summer, this dress is quirky, eye catching and comfortable. Pretty, feminine and floaty, yet also loose-feeling and well-fitted. Beautiful dress.

  2.  Master of the Universe


    Started reading and I thought 'I'm sure I've read this before' - it made sense when I realised it was originally a Twilight fanfiction and I had it on favourites for ages.
    Brilliant, and am glad to see it getting a following of it's own. If you enjoy this, though, I would recommend going onto fanfiction.net and looking up some of the M rated such as 'The Dominant' and 'The Submissive' as they are very much in the same vein and this is where this story had it's debut anyway. :-)
    Very much for an adult market, this story had plenty of plot, but a BDSM culture that new readers to this should be wary of. :-)
    Mr. Grey/Cullen ... sooooo dreamy but dirty. ;-)

  3.  Bag to the Future. It travels in time and space, you know!


    Okay, my title is a little 'not quite right' for the DW franchise, however I waited over a YEAR with this item on preorder, getting the delivery date pushed back, and back and back again.
    When I found it in the mail this morning (in one of Plays amusingly large boxes for such a small item - in this case it was SMALLER on the inside) I yelped in delight!
    It's fab!!! Really, REALLY cool! It's rather sturdy, enough to stand up right - but squishy, too. The clip is strong and the sound is loud and clear. The light is very bright, doesn't really flash like the TARDIS does,it just stays on, maybe flickers a little. BUT I LOVE IT!!! I was beginning to give up on, but it is really worth the wait, and it's hella cool for 6 pounds!!!! Really, really a good investment in the sense that it always brings a smile to my face!!!!

  4.  Un-bee-lievable Value!


    I absolutely LURVE my bee. I bought 3 (a small hive!) for presents for a friend and family member. Not only do they love them (my brother and bestie) - but I had a hard time giving them away as my own looks so lonely without them and they all had their own 'character.'
    They're larger than you'd expect from the picture, the lavender scent is not at all overpowering - quite subtle - and they are ridiculously cute, adorable and huggable!
    Very cute and funny - they'd 'bee' perfect as a gift or as a treat for yourself. Unusual as it's a bee and not the usual parade of cutesy animals. :-)

  5.  Beautiful and Sparkly... Just like Edward! ;-)


    I was unsure about purchasing this as it's not exactly cheap, however I have been searching for one just like this ever since I saw the first preview trailer.
    It's BEAUTIFUL! Extremely sparkly and eye catching. Very blingy yet somehow elegant at the same time. The box it comes in is plain royal blue velvet, but a proper hard jewellery box. It's very impressive. I'm thrilled with it and think it's a worthwhile investment - I love my Twilight and prop replicas. I loved the definition of the combs in the book, and was disappointed to just see one large one in the trailer, BUT it works so well. My advice is, if you're a Twilighter or are buying for someone who is, you will NOT be disappointed. It doesn't scream 'Twilight' yet is inextricably linked. Perfect.

  6.  Marmite


    Marmite. Simply the way to describe Campus. I LOVED Green Wing, and I was unsure about the first episode, but I ADORE Campus now and couldn't believe it had finished so quickly - I really, REALLY hope Campus gets a second series. Ratings are dodgy because many people (myself included) caught it on catch up or SkyPlus. Basically it's more wacky and surreal than Green Wing, has less characters, but still an archaic, outrageous and love stories. Marmite, I don't like Marmite, but love CAMPUS!

  7.  Oooh Yes!


    Great quality small Churchill Dog bag clip. Brown plastic clip and fabulous quality for 2:99! Well stitched and has three differently toned 'Oh Yes,' 'Ohhh yes,' and 'Oh no.' Went on faith as no pic. displayed but was very pleased that I did. Quite entertaining and very cute! :-)

  8.  Different Covers...


    I bought two of these, one for myself and one for a friend's birthday; they both had different covers. One has a boy(blue and black cover) and one has the girl pictured (red and black cover). The red and black has a recommendationary quote from Stephenie Meyer on the front and the blue and black has a recommendationary quote from Stephen King.
    I couldn't really add muchin terms to what other reviewers have said on the content of the books, but felt that people may be interested to know that they may not receive the cover pictured,,,
    Both are very cool, though! ;-)

  9.  The End... or is it?


    Great book, really, but I harken back to the first few books in the eries and really miss the atmosphere there. It peaked for me at least, in book 5, I really disliked the 'choice' Elena makes at the end and was expecting a definitive ending. It leaves you wanting more, which is a good thing, especially as it means more from my fave. character... HOWEVER I was expecting a definitive ending and this isn't. I expect a sequel. If I don't get one there will be blue air around me Ms. Smith!!!!
    BTW I was heartbroken until the very end. There is a great twist, but am really irritated that now I need MORRRRREEEEEE!

  10.  So Cute!!!!!! I lurve my li'l Adipose! :-)


    I squealed watching the episode, and my thoughtful brother bought me this baby adipose for Christmas! I ummed and arred for ages before deciding against it as I already had an Adipose plush... but I hadn't realised how darn cute this one would be - even more life like - much more similar to 'Partners in Crime' ones! The 'white mark' is a baby tooth and it is so squishy!!! I want MORE!!!!!!!!!!!