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  1.  this game is for kids and thats not bad infact its great


    Because this game is so childish they make controls fun they make the graphics good they make the user interface excellent and they make the price tag low

  2.  The most orignal controls on the wii


    The reason i say this is because there are no 'button' events. All the events are controlled with the wii remote or the wii remote and numchuck and graphics are stunning and there is a lot of replay value
    Mainly buy this game for it's controls

  3.  Best £4.99 i ever spent


    The game had awesome controls. No stupid wireless guitar that makes the game £30 more just the wii remote. This is definitely a pick up and play game because i played it for 5 mins and was amazed.
    Buy it for the price that they are selling it a play.com

  4.  the best and one of the cheapest consoles ever made


    first the design is sleek slim and sexy secondly it packs a whole lot of punch as the user interface is so friendly thirdly WI-FI revolutionary, like xbox live but free and a little worse user interface fourth £179.99 this is more fun than a ps3 and thats £299.99 fifth it appeases all audience and finally its the only console in at least 10 years to come with a free game

  5.  A game that is worth £60 is only £28 here


    Everything is great. The simple and fun controls combined with some of the best graphics on the wii combined with lots of replay value combined with a kickass story mode called the Subspace Emmisary = the best game on the wii 2008

  6.  A very good game for most


    This game has not so original controls, the celebrations aren't that good, and the players are small on screen.
    The good thing is i just said everything that was wrong with the game the rest is just kickass, and plus it has wi-fi which some great games DO NOT have.
    Good game for every one except adults because this game is not serious enough, but everyone else will love it.