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  1.  One valley worth going into!


    This is a review of the CD + DVD version of the album!

    The album itself is excellent! There is a good mixture of song stylings and tempos. The playing by all and sundry is superlative and Bob is in fine voice. Tony has once again proven that he is without doubt the greatest songwriter Britain doesn't know it has. The songs are evocative, running from wonderful ballads like "A Face In The Crowd" to hard rockers like "All My Bridges" to some stunning little gems like the epic title track, the simple yet haunting "In My Mind's Eye" and the last song has to be mentioned for the wonderful ending.

    The DVD is a superb little package. the interview shows the warmth and enthusiasm of the band for each other, the fans and the music. The song lyrics on the album as opposed to the booklet is a strange choice as both would have been smarter but it certainly makes them more readable. But special mention must be given to the highlight, which amazingly has nothing to do with the album. magnum's classic track "Les Morts Dansant" playing in the background to some edited together footage of WWI, done as a children's remembrance day project. It is a moment of haunting beauty and it is guaranteed to silence anyone in a room watching it, such is the powerful combination of images and music.

    All in all its a wonderful package. A sublime album and a DVD extra that is really good to watch.

    Looking forward to the next release from these stalwarts of melodic rock.

  2.  Fun and Nuaghty (but why an 18?)


    I bought this mostly because of Amber Benson's presence in the movie. It is a horror-comedy with its tongue firmly in its cheek. The cast and crew of a porn movie are hunted down by a murderous phallus.

    The acting is very much in the 50's B-movie style and is all the funnier because the cast are playing it all completely straight.

    Its not perfect, as some of the acting at one critical moment is so off the pace that it destroys any sense of tension or drama. That aside though, it works well.

    However, I can't quite understand why this movie is an 18. Given the premise there is very little blood (seen more in PG's) and the language is certainly no more than you would find in a 15, same for the nudity (which comprises of two love scenes with clothes on and another scene involving a topless woman pretending to have sex as practice for her scene). yes there are a lot of sex references but nothing so gross as to be out of place in a 15. So anyone expecting this film to ahve excesses of nudity, sex or gore are in for a shock as the film really is lacking in all departments. So I''m not sure at all why it got the cetificate it did but there it is.

    In short this film is good fun and will wile away 80 minutes pleasantly enough. there are a good few laugh out loud moments and I had a goofy smile throughout most of the film. Its good fun and kind of sweet in its own really naughty way.

  3.  Truly powerful!


    I saw this movie when it was first shown some 20 years ago. It deeply afected me then and when i purchased it i was worried that time had not been kind to the film.

    Thankfully, i was wrong. The film is as powerful and as moving now as it was that day. In fact i would say more so as i am now much older and wiser and have much more understanding of the horrors of the holocaust.

    It is a tv movie and some of the acting and filming isn't great but the principle actors are exceptional, the writing is strong and the story so gripping that these slights are easily forgotten.

    Seldom has a more important film ever been made for television, and i would recommend it to anyone who wants more than traditional fare.

    It's not a film to enjoy, as there is no enjoyment from such sad subject matter, but it is a film to admire and respect and care about, like the story and the people it depicts.