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  1.  Incredably moving


    "Crash" sees director Paul Haggis bring true life to the screen as he explores the racism and hate towards other cultures in the city. The plot doesn't exactly focus on one person alone, instead it focuses on several events with different people exploring their views on racism. This film completely blew me away with it's superb acting and story. I was touched and extremely moved by "Crash" as it makes us all realise how terrible the racism is in the city. Paul Haggis unfortunately missed out on the best director Oscar in 2005 but if it were up to me I would have easily handed the award over to him myself as his excellent direction created such an amazing film which also won best picture in 2005 and rightfully so as this is not only the best film of 2005 but also one of the best for years and years. Not to be missed.

  2.  The best film I've seen for a long time!


    No country for old men. A piece of cinema from none other than the Coen brothers. I'd heard a lot of positive things about this film and so I decided to check it out and see what it was like and I must tell the truth and say that it completely blew me away. This is an outstanding piece of cinema which shouldn't be missed by anyone who calls them self a film buff. Filled with amazing performances by Tommy Lee Jones as a nearly retired sheriff, Josh Brolin as Lewelyn, a local who stumbles upon a drug deal gone completely wrong and of course the famous Javier Bardem as the hitman Chigurh which in this part he won an academy award and rightfully so.

    No country for old men is a real edge of your seat thriller which will keep you hooked to the screen for the entire film. There are no cliche scenes so there are no scenes which could have been cut out to save time. Every scene has an important point behind it.

    The setting of Texas acts as a charecter on its own. It's completely deserted and gives everything a dead feel to it which is absoloutly terrific.

    Overall No countery for old men is a modern day classic and shouldn't be missed.

  3.  The Sequel We've Been Waiting For!


    After the fantastic reviews and talk about The Fellowship Of The Ring everyone was already geared up and ready to see the much awaited sequel The Two Towers and most people think that the sequel is never as good as the original. Well in this case you would be wrong because The Two Towers takes The Lord Of The Rings franchise to a whole other level of fantasy. The film starts as soon as the first finished and the first sequence is enough to make you want to watch more and more. Throughout the rest of the film you are hooked to the amazing storyline, amazing special effects which in this film are some of the best you will ever see in your entire life and the brilliant action sequences which are also some of the most creative you will ever see. The Two Towers much like The Fellowship Of The Ring is full of many stars like Christopher Lee, Orlando Bloom and Hugo Weaving. But each and every actor and actress in the film developed their charectors in an amazingly creative way and in my opinion a lot of those actors should have been nominated for awards of some kind.

    Peter Jackson once again has pulled off an amzing film and thi9s is highly acceptional as it is the tricky middle one which is always the hardest of the franchise for any director no matter how brilliant they are. Overall this is a superb film which onc again has to be a part of your dvd collection. It's that good, then this film can officialy be called "The precious!"

  4.  One Ring To Rule Them All!


    The Lord Of The Rings is one of the best movie franchises ever to be brought to the big screen. With the fantastic trilogy LOTR is known to be one of the greatest series of films on the entire planet. But however without this film, The Fellowship Of The Ring, the rest of the series would never of been as greatr as they are to date.

    This chapter of the franchise is very close to the book in my opinion so for all of those people who have read the books this is definately for you. The plot is very interesting and is destined to have you hooked throughout the entire motion picture. Peter Jackson (the director) has most definately created a perfect work of art in which we can loose ourselves into this amazing fantasy world and forget about the troubles in the real world. There are some very well designed creatures such as the orcs and the elves and they're beautiful things if you look at them in the right way.

    With the amazingly star studded cast you'd think that this film would be too focused on these stars. Well I can tell you that the amazing cast are still in the spotlight but it still focuses on the story we are all expecting. There are even some career bests from hobbit Elijah Wood, Ian Mckellen and Orlando Bloom. B efore I close this review I must mention Christopher Lee's chilling portrayal as Saruman the white. He's the type of actor who didn't over do the role and he still managed to give me a chill down my spine.

    Overall it is essential that this dvd is on your shelf right now. Because it's one film to rule them all!

  5.  7, 8 stay awake 9, 10 never sleep again!


    From the amazing mind of none other than horror legend Wes Craven comes a new type of horror which would change the entire horror genre forever. The one thing which is so terrifying about "Nightmare" is that Freddy Kreuger can only kill you in your sleep which as we all know is when you're most vulnerable. For a bunch of teenagers who back then had not really had much acting experience the acting is absoloutly fantastic and very believable especially the young actress who played Nancy and of course that young man who played Glenn, Nancy's boyfriend. I bet he'll grow up to become a great actor some day. Yes of course the person I'm talking about is none other than a young Johnny Depp who played his role to perfection. The plot is something different and it may be called a "slasher" film but its something other then that. It's also a supernatural thriller and the plot really got me interested. The special effects for its day were outstanding and of course the one person whi I need to talk about is none other than Freddy Kreuger himself. Played by Robert Englund, Freddy is one of the greatest charecters to ever slice his way to the big screen. Robert Englund gives off and amazingly chilling performance in what can officially be called one of the greatest horror films of all time. So if you're up for a good scare then be my guest, this is the perfect horror film for you. But of course don't watch it before you go to bed. And remember, whatever you do, don't fall asleep!

  6.  The children of the night are calling!


    This is were the legend started. Bela Lugosi in this absaloutly fantastic take on Bram Stoker's classic novel delivers a completely outstanding performance as none other than Count Dracula himself. The one reason why Lugosi is so powerful as Dracula is because of his dark and disturbing facial expressions and his amazing use of silence. Whenever Lugosi gives someone that evil look you just know that they're not going to make it to the final cut. Dracula is a very silent charecter in this take and the most powerful and scary scenes are when there is no dialouge, no sound and no music. Just plain silence which scares the living daylights out of you when you watch it because you know that the tension is gradually building but in a way you can't tell because there is absoloutly no sound.

    But the entire film can officialy be called a classic horror film because it has wolves, castles, fog, bat and for some very strange reason aardvarks. What else could you want? Its got everything a horror film needs. Another charector I did admire was Dracula's mad assistant because he has a completely different personality to Dracula because he is stark graving mad unlike Dracula who just keeps it xool all of the time. The assistant charecter is played so creepily that even his evil little chuckle is enough to give you nightmares. I'd also like to mention Doctor Van Helsing because he was also played very well and should deserve some credit because he is what makes the Count have a rapid change in emotion so instead of being cool he starts to get very furious at the Doctor.

    Overall this film should be part of your DVD collection because in every way it can be called a classic horror movie!

  7.  Its Todd now, Sweeney Todd and he will have his revenge!


    Tim Burton, a master of cinema. He's created some of the greatest films ever to have been projected onto the big screen and along with Johnny Depp the two make an unbelievebly outstanding duo. Sweeney Todd is one of the greatest films from the two. Full of murder, blood and thrills its guarenteed to lighten up the soles of those who are in the mood for some blood. The music I am proud to say is genious and works very well with the story. But please bare in mind that yes it is a musical, but it's no Mamma Mia infact it's a lot different to that. The film is dark and depressing with songs about some of the most evil things but in it there are many great performances especially from Depp who recieved an Oscar nomination, Bonham Carter, Rickman, Spall and of course Baron Cohen all have great performances in what to me is one of the bloodiest and yet one of the best musicals ever to be shown on stage and on the big screen. But the only bad point is that after you've seen the film you will never touch a pie ever again!

  8.  I'm a dood playing a dood disguised as another dood!


    Tropic thunder can from now on be called one of the greatest comedy films since the year 2000. It is a very funny film but with a very clever story line. You only need to see the first few shots to see how clever and fantastic the cgi is in the film. Also it's packed full of very well done portrayals like Robert Downey Jr who completely stole the show for me and which also got him a nomination for a golden globe, bafta and an oscar. I also want to point out that Jack Black was also one of my favourite charecters and he should get a little more credit. So as you can probably tell by now Tropic thunder is absoloutly fabulous!

  9.  Is this film a. Great b. Great c. Great or d. Great?


    The winner of eight academy awards and I thought I might as well give it a go and believe me it lives up to the hype everyone's been giving it. It's like the perfect director and the perfect producers hired the best actors of the century and chose the best plot that has ever been made and wrapped all of them up to form the perfect film which may not only be the best film of 2008 but it could very well be one of the best films to have been made in the last decade. This lively and yet rather emotional tale of romance, gangsters and money touches your hearts and gives you a really good after effect and it also effects in the theatre. It's also been named the best feel good movie of 2008 which I have to warn you about because it's no Mamma Mia, which is a very good thing because Mamma Mia was way too over the top and cheesy where as Slumdog Millionaire has been written into our hearts!

  10.  The Pink is back!


    Steve martin takes over the legendary role as inspecter clouseau and is no where near as good as sellers was but there are quite a lot of things i like about him. For a start his voice sounds very funny and not very french which is why the film is so funny, because martin is quite bad at impersonating clouseau. The plot is a bit to modern and i got a bit sick of the football theme used in it although it was funny to see clouseau kick a football and then.................. Have it fly back into his face. Kevin kline is quite a poor choice to play dreyfuss although he is quite a convincing actor. I still miss herbert lom's amazing dreyfuss and he shall never be beatan. Plonton is a great charector and a loyal sidekick but where's kato! Overall it's not as bad as most people say it is and it should be given a chance. See it!