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  1.  not final fantasy


    this is a big disappointment as i was the biggest fan of them from XII
    the great thing about the games was it felt like another world you felt you made the choice where togo next you you had control over the characters and even the nice touch was being able to name the main characters
    but you had towns upon towns to explore and it has so much detail it felt like adventure
    and you did quests and missons
    but with XIII you ve got a set path and its just fighting all the way then cutscene then fighting again through basic surroundings that dont have much detail like the older ones did they had beautifull surroundings and you got to run around them not just have a cutscene showing you them then you just seem to run down tunnels and back alleys and boaring streets the only think it has is a story its more like watching a movie like most games do these days and there just no involement from you in it
    the fights have improved big time but thats only because thats all it has 90% of the game
    buy the game for cheap its worth that for good story that is confuseing for while but just play it as what it is a story but not a final fantasy game where ur in control

  2.  good game


    it is a good game but only feel that theyve lost the heros feel that the story is all about from the first one but so did the 2nd one but in all its good game but i would wait till it was cheaper
    but i did enjoy playing it its good when ur king and you get to make big choices
    but i feel all rpg are about some warrior but there forgetting the storyline with them

  3.  disappointed


    i played the first one and really wanted this one but the only thing thats improved on was the graphics
    you spend the whole game running around the same city which gets so boaring
    you feel your just trying to rush through the game or hope something bigs going to happen which doesnt
    i think its just about making moeny buy creating this game and trying to spead the whole story across few games to make more money but for game play its rubbish
    every misson feels like a side quest and they dont feel eney diffenerent from the side quest
    i would wait till this goes way cheaper then maybe you wont feel so let down and dont hope for much as you wont get much from this game

  4.  good film


    its a simple film as you would guess a romantic comdey
    it was a good film
    what you expect from this film is what you get
    a good romantic comdey with the touch of action
    worth buying

  5.  FUNNY


    this is good film for couples
    you may learn some things lol but it it has a lot of comdey in it with the touch of romance to go
    well worth the buy at 2.99 i would buy this now
    it make a nice night
    i gave it 4 stars for the only reason there could be room for improvement but in all great fim

  6.  not good


    i have to say when i heard of this film i hoped it would be good with adam sandler and seth rogen
    but i was very disappointed it s just not a good storyline adam sandler acting was good but thats all there was
    just simply its not worth buying wait till it comes on tv but its not worth the money try seing some of adam sandlers other films
    ie , grown ups ,click , the longest yard
    but miss this one out

  7.  good film


    its a good comedy
    with a nice drama touch too it which is nice to see adam sandler doing again a bit like click , in that sense
    a true buddys movie
    about friendship and love with comdey mixed in
    it had a the film stand by me, feel to it with a adam sandler touch to it with alot more comedy and happy ending to it tho but still
    very good with great bunch of actors who also at the comedy to it kevin james ,chris rock ,david spade
    itsworth buying so dont miss out
    on this one buy it now
    it great film to watch with ur mates or loved ones it make perfect night in with some drinks and popcorn

  8.  great film


    great film thats a fact and its sad and makes you cry everytime it is a great romance story
    but i think it didnt do well due to the fact of the name and trailers made it out to be a war story of what relly happend at pearl harbor so alot of people was disappointed by that i wasnt lol
    but in whole its a great film by the same director of armageddon which is a film you must see also
    but this film is a romantic one so its perfect for couples and girls will love it as much as you guys who dont want to amit it lol
    it has wonderful music and action and it pulls you into the story
    its a must have so buy it or you miss out on great film and great night watching it

  9.  great film


    well this film has it all Drama ,romance ,comedy .si-fi,action
    i can tell you now when i watched this film it blew me away and when i asked others they said the same
    it has remained my best film since 1998 and no other film has come close to this film
    its a film that will make u cry and have Laughing you moments later the music is brilliant and has you going with the film
    this film will have you on the edge of you seat the whole time
    and you wont want it to end
    people say its like 2012 and day after tomorrow but this film
    was dont done way better and grabs ur heart and pulls u in with the great actors like bruce willis and ben affleck & owen wilson and music and storyline that goes so well together
    i tell you now them two films dont come close to this one as this is more about the story and has more passion put into it
    but hold on as your about to watch the end of the world

  10.  great classic


    its great western film with more of a modern feel to it it has a great cast that go together well its no longer just a boys film but girls will love this one too
    it will have you on the edge of your seat
    even my partner didn't want watch as it was a western but she liked it and even wanted to watch young guns 2 lol
    this film is one that you should have in your DVD collection