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  1.  Absolutely fascinating


    I went into this film thinking it was going to be a lot like Rodrigo Cortes' 'Buried'. Buried was ok, however I don't class that as the sort of film I would like to see again. I would happily watch '127 Hours' over and over again!
    Danny Boyle proved why he is one of the very best directors around. Not many directors would have what it takes to make this film as entertaining as Boyle did. The cinematography is beautiful throughout - which is a great achievement because as you can imagine there aren't many changes to the settings.
    James Franco put in a terrific performance. Before the film I was wondering if he could make the film believable, as the film does rest on his shoulders - if he's bad, the film's bad. Franco's far from bad, he won't be able to top this performance for the rest of his career. I know that's not saying too much now as his only good performances that come to mind have been 'James Dean' and 'Milk', but I strongly believe his portrayal of Aron Ralston deserves an Oscar nomination.
    You feel as if you were there with Ralston for the whole time - no filmmaker could've made the experience more realstic. The climax was a real feel-good tear jerker, making the whole experience worth every emotional second. It's a harrowing story of what you would really do to survive: philisophical and thought-provoking.
    As for the scene that everyone wants to see - lets just say it makes the 'Saw' movies look as if they belonged on the CBBC channel. The make-up, effects and the emotional impact of the scene is so realistic I dare anyone to watch it without feeling at least a bit faint. You really feel sorry for Ralston - but as the cover says 'triumphant'.
    2011 so far seems as if it is going to be a fantastic year for cinema, especially with 'The King's Speech' setting the bar so high early on. As good as 'The King's Speech' truly was, I believe '127 Hours' has raised the bar, ever so slightly.

  2.  This film is not expendable...


    Most men will love this! Guns! Explosions! Punches! Kicks!... Errr, EXPLOSIONS!
    A lot of women might not like it, but i'm sure women will love gazing at the likes of Jason Statham throughout the film.
    If you're into your action films, then look no further. This film could quite simply be one of (if not) the best action film ever made.
    You couldn't think of a better cast, each actor offering something different. As for acting, well if you're seeing this film for Oscar winning performances, you'll be disappointed. However, even though the acting and dialogoue has been slated in this film, i've seen much worse acting in dramas.
    It's bags of fun with mind blowing action, awesome effects and all the fighting you'll need to release all your bottled up testosterone for weeks!

  3.  Unimaginable


    What a gifted mind Christopher Nolan must have to be able to write and direct this masterpiece, and in my opinion, landmark in cinema history. The cast is top notch - each actor giving 100%, storyline is perfect and Christopher Nolan proves why he is one of the best directors around. I don't know anyone who has seen 'Inception' and disliked it, that's coming from film buffs to your average film viewer.
    The special effects are breath taking, proving that films don't have to be in 3D to be 'special'. Full marks to Nolan to 'keeping it real'. Well, as real as this film can get in modern cinema with a narrative so fantasically unimaginable.
    This film is so brilliant I don't see the point in saying anything else but GO SEE IT! I've seen it once and I plan on seeing it at least one more time in the cinema. I hope to see more collaborations with Nolan and Dicaprio.

  4.  Chris Morris is a genius!


    This film showed why Chris Morris really is a genius. He can easily make anyone look like fools, and in this film you should ask the question... is the media and the stereotypical people in this country just as bad as the terrorists? Oh how i've missed how thought provoking Morris can be in comedy since the days of Brass Eye.

    Despite the film revolving around wanna be terrorists, the characters are none the less lovable and put in some truly excellent comedy performances. This isn't just a mindless comedy, so much thought has been put into this film to make it so much more than that, representing so many people as the idiots they are; even the lovable idiots.

    If you didn't like Brass Eye, you won't like Four Lions. This film is arguably just as offensive as the series, IF you are easily offended. The film is not racist (as the four main actors are Muslim themselves), but nowadays people just want to complain and controversy may as well be Chris Morris' shadow.

    The narrative is very intelligent, the storyline was thought provoking and hilarious at the same time and the characters that should be villains are instead lovable.

    I'll be very surprised if you see a better or equally as good comedy all year, or longer; and it's even nicer because it's a British film. I truly believe this film is worthy of an Oscar nomination, considering comedys are often overlooked at the Oscar's it would be brilliant to see this film break the norm. Chris Morris, we're glad you're back, carry on making feature films!

  5.  This film kicks-ass!


    I cannot begin to say why this film is so good! I think everything about it was so enjoyable and entertaining.
    Acting was awesome from the whole cast. It was a nice treat to see Nicolas Cage actually put in a good performance. Christopher Mintz-Plasse was hilarious once again. Mark Strong played a very suitable mob boss. And Aaron 'Nowhere Boy' Johnson is definetely a star for the future!
    The whole film is such a comedy treat, packed with amazing action scenes and an awesome soundtrack. I cannot emphasise how much you should go and see this at the cinema right now! Stop reading about it and watch it! Best film of the year so far...

  6.  Don't believe the hype!


    This film was hyped up to be so many things, including 'the scariest film ever made', I can think of many more scary films than this one.
    I do believe the film was given too much hype. If I hadn't seen endless amounts of trailers and hype for this film, I might have considered it to be a little gem. The trailers of people screaming in the audience just gave me very high, unachievable expectations. However, the hype for this film was good for director Oren Peli and distributor Paramount, as money is the most important thing for film-makers, not quality.
    I thought there were too many boring scenes in the film, especially during the first half. There's only so much banter I can watch between two mediocre actors playing man and wife.
    The 'mockumentary' style worked at times, most of the time didn't though. The end would have been much more scarier had we saw what happened. But due to the fact that Oren Peli was trying to make it realistic by filming the whole film on a hand-held camera we didn't see much action. I got bored of watching the two characters sleep.
    The reason i gave it two stars is because the film was generally a laugh at the cinema. All around the cinema, i could hear teenage girls screaming whenever the bed sheet moved the slightest. It was fun to watch people be scared by nothing.
    Overall, this film would have never hit the big screen had Steven Spielberg not seen the opportunity to make money for Dreamworks. Do not buy it on DVD, it will some how be worse than how it was at the cinema.

  7.  Brilliant portrayal of the children's classic!


    This is the sort of remake that only Tim Burton could have imagined. With the cast featuring Burton favourites such as Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter (who's performances were excellent) there are also some acting gems in there which make the film a wholesome treat, such as: Mia Wasikowska, Michael Sheen, Stephen Fry and Matt Lucas.
    Johnny Depp, as you would expect, puts in a magnificently entertaining performance as the Mad Hatter and was definetly my favourite character in the film.
    The visual effects are stunning throughout, whether you watch it in 2D or 3D. Burton's visually gothic adaptation of Wonderland (or Underland) is a real treat if you're a Burton fan.
    I don't think the film is really suitable for very young children, maybe due to the fact that Alan Rickman's caterpillar is always smoking hookah and Alice has to walk across decapitated heads to reach the Red Queen's palace.
    Overall, the film features lots of humour, great visual effects and a nice storyline which entertains throughout, thanks to Tim Burton's own delightfully strange and original way.

  8.  Possibly the best film of the year so far!


    The team of Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Dicaprio have done it again with this film. An outstanding film which shines with originality and a fascinating twist at the end. This film is a brilliant portrayal of what can happen to the unstable human mind!
    Acting from the whole cast was great, especially from Dicaprio, Mark Ruffalo and Ben Kingsley. The cast couldn't have really been any better.
    Hardcore horror fans maybe disappointed with this film, as the trailer suggests there are going to be more scares than there actually is. There aren't many 'jumpy' moments, but the narrative and the storyline is chilling to say the least.
    The only reason this doesn't get 5 stars in my opinion is because the ending drags on. The ending is a total shock but maybe could've been made a bit shorter.
    Overall an excellent piece of cinema from the great director that is Martin Scorsese. I hope to see more films from Scorsese and Decaprio in the future. Watch and you won't be disappointed.

  9.  Don't watch it in 3D


    3D is a complete waste of time in this film. The film was obviously not built around 3D, which is the only way 3D will ever work. Films like 'Avatar' were made to accompany 3D, which is why 'Avatar' worked so well. 'Clash of the Titans' just irritates your eyes for no good reason.
    The storyline was predictable, even if you hadn't seen the original 'Clash of the Titans' like me. It was easy to guess the ending early on in the film.
    Acting was poor from the whole cast, even Liam Neeson didn't give his best performance. It seemed as if Sam Worthington was just trying to imitate Russell Crowe's performance as Maximus Decimus Meridius in the epic 'Gladiator.' This turned out terribly, as i cannot see Sam Worthington winning any Oscars in the near future.
    The effects and cinematography were good in the film if you ignore the money grabbing use of 3D. The kraken did look awesome to say the least. And the action scenes weren't half bad either, the giant scorpions scene is possibly my favourite.
    However, I can't help but think this film would've been much better if the certificate was 15. I know blood and guts doesn't make a film good, but i do expect to see at least a bit of blood on a sword after a person has just been stabbed, for realism.
    Overall, a decent watch (better in 2D). Some nice action sequences and a much better film if you just turn off your brain. A younger audience will probably find this alot more entertaining. Do not expect an Oscar winning film, the trailer made it look as if it was going to be alot better than it actually was!

  10. Humbug


    Arctic Monkeys - CD

    17 New from  £12.59  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.48

     Missing the old Arctic Monkeys!


    This album isn't the worse i've ever heard. It definetly is the worse Arctic Monkeys album though. Humbug doesn't hold a candle to: Whatever People Say I Am... or Favourite Worse Nightmare.

    I am a fan of an old saying: 'Don't fix what isn't broken.' The old sound of the band was much better than this new sound. Whatever People Say I Am... was one of a kind album. I understand that the band themselves may have been bored of their old sound and fancied a change, me personally though, I wasn't bored of the old sound. It's what made Arctic Monkeys what they were in the first place!

    There are a few good tracks on this album though i must say. My favourites being: Crying Lightning, Secret Door and Pretty Visitors. There are also some fantastic guitar rifts included as well. Overall, most of the songs did sound a bit dull and slow paced. Not one song is in the same league as When the Sun Goes Down or The View From the Afternoon.

    I am hoping that Arctic Monkeys go back to old ways with their next album. The old sound is what they were famous for so why not stick to it? Fair play to the lads for trying something new though. I believe that a lot of people would like the new Arctic Monkeys. As Alex Turner shows off why he is such an outstanding writer, he also shows off his unique voice and some brilliant guitar rifts and solos make this album entertaining!