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  1.  Call me Charlie


    I really enjoyed bronson but it did have a couple of flaws

    Tom hardy was great as britains most notorious prisoner but the film was very theatrical and would of worked better in the theatre, it was also bad acting from everyone except hardy and the film relies on music a lot

    i did enjoy it though and would definatly recomend it

  2.  An x rated version of thunderbirds


    All trey parker and matt stone have done with this is put thunderbirds up from a pg to a 15

    This isnt as good as the thunderbirds film and i was disapointed when watching it

    I am a fan of soth park, but didnt like this, i also only laughed once

    It just sits on my shelf, i probably wont watch it again

  3.  It was recomended


    This was recomended to me by a friend and when i saw the great cast, i thought why not

    The cast are good and the film is good but extremly unrealistic

    There are better action films out there and why does everyone go on about the bath scene when it really isnt anything special

    A few bonuses though is that when i ordered it of play i was just expecting a normal dvd however it came in a box with a limited edition comic and a bonus code so i was pleased with that

    3/5 Is fair

  4.  Scary as hell


    This for me was scary and i dont get scared of films

    The story is also good, it follows a court trial and wether the priest was guilty or not guilty of murder when he was performing an exorcism

    This is based on a true story although im not sure how much they made up for the film

    Definatly worth watching though

  5.  12 divas and a fatal 4 way


    I know a lot of people say wrestlemania 24 was disapointing but i liked that and wasnt a big fan of the follow up ppv backlash

    I found the matches boring, especially the 12 diva tag match and the main event (fatal 4 way)

    There were some good things about the ppv including kane v chavo guerro for the ecw title and the big show v great khali was also a good match

    This ppv also has the best theme of the year with kid rocks - all summer long

  6.  A demonic structure


    As soon as this was out i had it, it has every hell in a cell match in its entirety, they are all introduced by the man himself mick foley and you learn interesting facts about each match

    As must have for any wwe fan

  7.  Rob Zombies Best


    This is without doubt the best rob zombie film, the characters are great, the story is great and the ending is in my top 10 film endings

    However there are a lot of voilent and disturbing scenes and it was x rated when it was 1st released so zombie had to go and cut parts out

    This doesnt effect me but no films do, i would just warn you there are lots of nasty scenes

  8.  a good war film


    A good war film with some great scenes, not as good as some war films like saving private ryan, acopalypse now and not on for very long but still very enjoyable

  9.  a film every one should watch


    I just want to start by saying the dvd i received from play was a rental copy this doesnt bother me but may bother some people so just thought i would warn you

    But onto the film

    This is a film everyone should watch because it shows how we can be cruel without meaning to be, the film does follow a "freak" called hans (who is just a dwarf)who falls in love with a "normal" woman but she is only with him because she plans to kill him for his inheritance

    I dont want to give to much away but lets just say the film has an ending like the 1989 horror great the puppet master

    The language is a little hard to follow (i had to watch with subtitles which again doesnt bother me but just another warning)

    A great price though at £2.99 and well worth a watch

  10.  pure action


    This film is pure action and one of my favourite films with nicholas cage

    The action is great, the humour is great and the chase scene at the end is a classic

    A must for any dvd collection