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  1.  What the first Xbox 360 should have been


    The features this new xbox offers make it unquestionably a better deal for your money, however it has taken Microsoft nearly 5 years to add features which should have really featured from the beginning. Having said that the built in wi-fi, the super quiet running of the system and new black design do make it a great product. I have gave this product 4 stars from an opinion point of view, the new design is not as sleek as the older shape, I do like it, but not as much as the white model which came before it; its more pointy and the finish of the product is cheap in my view. The lack of HDMI cable in the box is a bummer and the power cable is a hell of a lot shorter than my old xbox so you might want to dig out that old extension cable from the garage (... oh and if you think you're going to benefit from the xbox being quieter as you shoot away into the early hours of the morning think again, the touch buttons on the new xbox make a stupidly loud 'ping' noise when you operate them)
    Overall if you already have the older shape xbox and are managing with your hardrive space and have no trouble with connecting to xbox live, the more box'ey pointy design and 'whisper' quiet running of the system don't really make it a worthwhile upgrade. Overall, a better all round deal for first time 360 buyers.

  2.  A Solid, Secure and Sufficent Anti-virus.


    This anti-virus is a brilliant piece of software. Okay it's not as automatic as a Norton one, but its far more capable. I do love it, and it works brill on my windows machine. One problem though. Why not just get a mac :)

  3.  Wow - iDon't think an MP3 player can get any better


    Quite simply, the most iconic, fun, beautiful and groundbreaking music device that i think the world has ever seen. You can do almost anything on these things, i have never used a device like this. Absolutely Fantastic. Music, video, App's, YouTube. Not to mention the best touch screen ever and the shape and looks to go with it. The second Generation iPod Touch, don't even hesitate. Perfection.

  4.  Gears of War 2 - Bigger, Better and Definitely more Badass


    Wow. This is one fantastic game. Including what i think is the best Campaign that Xbox360 has ever seen it has the New Horde, which is just Fantastic and a more expandable multiplayer system. I love Gears of War 2, it has evolved into a more grown up, polished and more exciting game than the first Gears. The online is a bit dodgy, and being a massive Gears fanatic that iam, i must admit it does need a little attention, but like the first Gears i'm sure Epic will sort it out.
    I'm a massive Xbox fan and i was not disappointed. So move over Bungie, its time Epic took the Thrown :)

  5.  Xbox Live - Simply the best


    I am a big Xbox 360 and Xbox live user. I am on almost everyday and i have used the Ps3 equivalent along side using the live feature on my Wii and i have to say XboxLive tops the lot.
    There is a lot of agro and complaints revolving around the issue 'Why do we have to pay for XboxLive, cant it just be free' One simply answer. You are paying for thee best online experience ever. And knowing so i would rather pay for it (what works out at 8pence a day) knowing that i am getting the best service out there. But yea, fantastic product at the best price. Thank You Play.com

  6.  Wow


    I am Wow'd simply because of the fact that Apple wanted £60 per 1Gb upgrade and this is only £12. And secondly i am Wow'd because of what a difference it has made. I cant believe the difference in the jump from 1Gb to 2Gb of RAM could make on my Apple iMac. I mean the machine breezed through almost anything without any problems; but now its taken its next step and is in a class of its own. Fantastic. I added the RAM for additional power when running XP in BootCamp and additional MacOSX software and its just fantastic. Fantastic item. Fantastic Price. Fantastic Play.com