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  1.  meh


    Rockband was abit of a disapointment in all honesty. Playing it was fun but i dont think the songs on the game were that great and i got bored of them really quick which was anouying. The drums add abit more dpth to the game and are pretty fun to play around with but i wouldnt fork out the money for this game along with the controlers. Wouldnt recomend it.

  2.  Another awesome game


    These past few months have been amazing as far as games are concerned with fable 2, saints row 2, dead space and now fallout 3 which is the cherry on the cake. I have been playing all these games and kind of juggling them around but i must say that fallout is probably the best one. I spectualted about fable 2 being better but i think fallout now i have got into it is a hell of alot better. It has such good game play and the scenary is uterly twisted and amazing in parts especialy when you go into old schools or sub way stations. The weapons to are amazing and even without a high def t.v. It looks amazing. Game of the year maybe? Yet another
    Must buy.

  3.  Best game so far


    This is by far the best game i have played this year. I love it so much. I have been juggling this game and fallout 3 and to be honest i prefer fable 2. There are alot of people say that the story is to short but you have to take time out to explore and do some jobs and find some treasure. Its what the game is about. There is just so much to do. A must buy.

  4.  Welcome to B company


    When i was going to get this game i was caught between getting this or unreal tournament and i think it is save to say i am gald i got this one. The game plays very well with a farely good storyline but just a tad to short for my tastes but it is a fps so wasnt expecting much in the way of story. The main thing i really love about this game though is the online. Quick and easy to pick up with a good variety of things to do. There is a class to suit pretty much every play style and loads of vehicles to charge around in. Very goo fun and a highly recomend it.

  5.  Could have been better


    When i heard mercs 2 was comming out i was so excited and could'nt wait to get it but sadly i was let down. It is still an okay game dont get me wrong but it just isnt as good as the first one. It feels like everything is more restricted and you cant do things as much and as easliy as the first mercs game. There are a few glitches to which brought it down. One glitch happened when i was going after a bounty and pulled him out of the chopper and he died. Now, this is fine but when i landed i found that he was alive and walking around. Kinda anouyed me abit. All that aside it is still a good game and if you want some mindless destruction then go and buy it but if you want a more serious game with better story etc stay away.