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  1.  Not for autism, but a useful book


    I was hoping to be able to use this book for my son, who has Autism but is lower functioning than those with Asperger's. Unfortunately there were just too many words. It would be great if it could have some simple sentences as a summary of each chapter, which would make the book more accessible to a wider range of readers.

    Having said that, this book is very well written and I shan't hesitate using it when my other (non-ASD) children are older. The pictures are very clear and very useful. I have used this book to tell my son about the birds and the bees, gleaning the gist of the text and simplifying, with reference to the pictures. Overall, a good book that will be of benefit to all teenagers. I wish there had been something like this when I was young!

  2.  absolutely fantastic!


    This has become my favourite CD

    and contains the brilliant "Smooth" featuring Rob Thomas

    such a great CD - real chill-out music =)
    You won't be disappointed with this!

  3.  excellent


    Tim hughes on top form from the awesome "here i am to worship" to the catchy "maker of all things" - an album worth listening to for the musicality, the joy and of course to praise god. Fab!

  4.  stuck in a bad dream


    I like Kazuo Ishiguro and of course, being Ishiguro, the writing itself was compelling. The story was not, however. I am convinced Ishiguro had a weird dream one night and on waking decided to write it all down and call it "The Unconsoled". The title refers to how it will leave the reader. It was like a bad dream that you just can't wake up from . . . I wasted precious hours of my life reading this. I will be more reticent about Ishiguro in future, which is a shame because The Remains of the Day is a masterpiece.

  5.  Average


    Very poor script. The idea is good, but it never goes anywhere, the film just descends into stereotypes and "freaks" to get the laughs. The characters were not funny because they were not real, they were just caricatures. The only thing I thought made it worth watching at all were the fine performances by Isla Fisher and Jason Biggs, who did their best with such awful writing.

  6.  Best kids film since ET


    I loved the simplicity of this film, the way you are drawn in, even though there is very little dialogue. A wonderful, imaginative, refreshingly innocent film, with a message about eco-responsibility that even the most cynical could not ignore and the smallest child could understand. The attention to detail is amazing. Even appealed to my autistic son, who sat and watched it all the way through!

  7.  Very enjoyable


    Street Dreams is written mostly from the point of view of Cindy Decker, Peter Decker's daughter, so as such was a change from the usual Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus novels and gave a very pleasing alternate view. Cindy finds an abandoned newborn and tracks down the child's mother and father, whilst also investigating a hit and run and a gang rape. She comes across as a vulnerable yet courageous character, who is still learning who she is as a woman, as well as learning the ropes as a police officer. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who likes detective novels. Faye Kellerman once again adds a human element to the gritty world of LAPD.

  8.  Could not put it down!


    This is Ursula Le Guin at her captivating best. I fell in love with the earlier Earthsea books many years ago and this was just as good. Please write more Earthsea stories, Ursula! The marvellous characters of Ged and Tenar were back again, as well as the King Lebannen, with an enchanting tale about life and love and the circle of life. I literally could not put it down and read into the wee hours until it was finished and I was left wishing it could go on and on.

  9.  Let down by lead actor


    I wanted to like this film. This film should be good - the solid cast are all there: Jim Broadbent, Alan Cumming, Christopher Plummer, Timothy Spall, Juliet Stephenson and Jamie Bell. Bell, in particular, is vulnerable and charming. Unfortunately the central character is totally miscast. Charlie Hunnam attempts, unsuccessfully, to speak with an English accent, and his intonation is wooden and strained in places as a result. Instead of appearing as a Victorian gentleman, he looks as if he would be more suited to the California sun, wearing a swimsuit and carrying a surfboard under one arm. What a shame, because the rest of the cast are really quite good.

  10.  Trip down memory lane


    What fun to see this again after all these years. I loved Red Dwarf as a teenager and I found it just as enjoyable twenty years later. Chris Barrie seems even better now - why hasn't he been in more TV comedy? He is so funny - such a smeghead! Comedies just aren't written like this any more. Great.