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  1.  Cute top but fitting is tight


    I know it says it's a skinny fit top but I ordered large and I'm a size 14 which according to the size guide is correct. It is very snug on me and although I have decided to keep it to save return costs, I would recommend the next size up to have it breathable. Also, the design has a scratched effect with a line going through Eeyore's face which is more noticeable than on the image, however, it is still cute.

  2.  Cute but small


    It is quite nice for present and it is sturdy but it is quite small. The measurements are 11cm height, 11cm width and 3.5cm depth. Engraving is nice and the picture is under plastic so will not get damaged.

  3.  Brilliant.


    Completely different from the Twilight saga but just as good. Written more for adults and it is confusing at first but after a while you can get into the story. Let's hope she quickly writes the rest of the series.

  4.  Really good.


    Was sad that this is the end of the series and I just hope that Stephenie Meyer will still write Midnight Sun. Was a very good read and a good ending to the saga.

  5.  Very nice.


    Bought this for my friend and she loved it. He looks much better in this one than the Twilight one.

  6.  Lovely poster.


    Bought this for my friend and decided I had to get one for myself. He definitely looks the best in this one and this quote has to be one of the best ones in the book. At 3 pounds it is very worthwhile buying.

  7.  A must-have for any Twilight fan


    I bought this and the Twilight version for my friend and they are really good. They have very big pictures in and have funny interviews with the cast members, production team and the author. Tells you a lot about the film-making process and how they have adapted the book. Worth reading.

  8.  An ok product


    Bigger than expected but measurements would have helped (from memory I think it was 15cm height and 6cm width approx.). Bought it for a friend's present, picture is really nice and the beads finish it off well but I don't think it is worth the money for a bit of card (however it does come in a plastic sleeve as well). Also has wolf pack written on the back which there isn't an image of it on here.

  9.  Looks great!


    I bought this for me and my friend and it looks amazing on a wall. It's just a shame it doesn't have the parents to complete the Cullen family but as long as Edward is on... :)

  10.  Good game


    Mine only arrived today so I haven't played it much but the songs are quite good. The controller is much easier than the normal one as it has no orange button but you have to press quite hard with the pick for it to respond. My brothers play the songs on Expert on the computer version but struggled with Hard on this DS version. I would still recommend it but it is quite expensive. Good fun.