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  1.  Good Quality


    It arrivedwell packaged and unscathed (via BFPO too!). It's very good quality, and both dishwasher and microwave safe. What else is there to say?!

  2.  Darn good action flick!!


    It's a 1930's gangster flick that falls very much into "The Untouchables" genre. Every bit as gripping but perhaps without the dry wit of Sean Connery. Bale and Depp are typically strong leads. There's little to complain about if your simply looking for an action/drama flick based (loosely) on true events. There is a love side story but it doesn't detract from the main event. Lots of violence but little in the way of sex scenes or swearing if your worried about watching it with Grandad (if you know what I mean). Enjoy!

  3.  More like "Dances with Wolves" than "Gladiator"!


    The trailer is very misleading. I saw the film before the trailer and was very pleased. The trailer implies it's non-stop action but as my title states it's anything but. However as a drama it's as equally as gripping as it chronicles the early years of Genghis Khan. It's beautifully filmed, with excellent acting but I accept it may not be everyones cup of tea. This will definately appeal to fans of historical dramas rather than all out action/war movies.
    Perhaps the trade descriptions people should have a word with the trailer producers next time!

  4.  Great Read!


    Take Angels and Demons and replace Rome for Washington DC then replace the catholic church with the freemasons and you have The Lost Symbol. It's equally as gripping as the previous Robert Langdon stories. The whole story happens in 12 hours and although a little far fetched occasionally it doesn't detract from a blooming good read. Educational too!!!

  5.  Fairly Forgettable and a Tad Tedious


    I (and my wife) thought it was a bit dull. It can be witty in parts, you really warm to the male character and the constant bouncing back and forth in time actually works quite well, but you know pretty much how it ends at the beginning (or from the synopsis) and there is not enough humour, twists or progress to maintain a high amount of interest. If you are happy with your lot in life - then it may not be for you.

  6.  Rubbish


    Kutchner plays himself as an attractive moron who lives his life as a serial womaniser. He finally meets someone he respects but gets a taste of his own medicine. It's a weak plot using a story line that has been covered plenty of times before. Be careful who you watch this with, the sex scenes in the first half of the film border on soft porn, which is the reason it got 2 stars and not 1. Best ignored though.

  7.  Great War Flick


    Although one may say this is more of a war drama than an out and out action film it is still arguably one of the best war movies since Saving Private Ryan. It centres around a group of fleeing Jewish Russians whose main objective is simply to stay alive. Occasionally a conflict within the group leads to some quite gripping action sequences It's gritty, realistic, there is some excellent action with James Bond putting in a superb performance. It resists the temptation to over egg the pudding by delivering moral high ground speeches or self pity (ala US War films) and delivers an enjoyable flick bolstered even more by the fact it is based on a true story.
    Watch the extras too, the interviews with descendents of the survivors is very interesting.
    Finally if you enjoyed this then try reading "City of Thieves" by David Bernioff or watching "To End All Wars" with Robert Carlyle you shouldn't be disappointed.

  8.  Hilarious and Unpredictable


    This movie has been out in the USA on DVD for months now. It has an original story line, fantastic script and one of the few films I can watch over and over again. Buy it, get the lads round with some beers, kick back and enjoy 'cos it's a scream (Even my wife laughed throughout). If you enjoyed the American Pie series, then you'll love this. It's one the most underated films I have ever seen. A real gem!

  9.  Great Fun!


    I wanted to hate this film but I couldn't. It was visually spectacular, good humoured (it doesn't take itself too seriously), well cast and simply fun to watch. It is action packed from start to finish, it has very simple story line and although the ending is fairly predictable it doesn't detract from a fast paced action flick intended for the adolescent/adult male market. A word of warning for those who may consider buying this as a gift. The violence can be a little OTT for younger viewers particulaly sword/knife/throwing star scenes.
    The part set in Paris is worth watching the whole film for in itself.
    Basically anyone a fan of the Transformers genre of film should enjoy watching this.
    Far fetched? - obviously. Fun? - Definately.

  10.  Melancholy Chick Flick


    I thought I'd bring a blokes perspective to the review just in case there are any other guys out there like me who could be duped into watching after seeing a slightly misleading trailer (and a mild comparison to "Superbad" in the description). It's a teenage love story set in the 80's - as simple as that. It's witty in parts but not side spitting, and to be honest at times, I thought it could be a tad boring. The characters are fun though, but it's a hardly a rollercoaster (no pun intended). If you're looking for a dvd for a lads night in - avoid. Try "Miss March Unwrapped" instead, it's more in keeping with the Superbad genre.