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  1.  Too short, too easy


    I'll keep this brief, a little bit like the game!! It's not the worst game ever, but it is far too short, and far too easy. My advice is do what i did, put it straight on hard mode, then simply complete the game in 5hrs for a 1000g's! Enough said.

  2.  Good fun, well worth a play


    I didn't know what to expect when i played this game, seen as there was no demo on xbox live prior to release, but i thought i'd give it a go anyway, and i'm very glad i did.

    The gameplay is pretty solid, i wouldn't call it a hack and slash, as there is much more to it than that, pulling off combo's, counter attacks etc. The enemies don't vary much, the action is relentless and you find yourself picking favourite moves and sticking to them. The game does feel a little repetitive, although thankfully it never stopped being fun.

    One of the better things, for me at least, is the amount of autosave locations, it seemed to be saving it every 30secs. It makes the game easy to dip into for five minutes, and also lets you happily carry on playing after a save marker because you know you won't be slogging away for half an hour before you can take a break.

    It's not gonna be a classic, but has the balance between fun and challenge just right, and this will make a lot of people glad they bought it - I know I am. Achievements are doable too, i got 900 on my first playthrough, although if you wanna go for the full 1000, you'll need to go through it a few times.

  3.  Better than i expected Easy 1000


    After reading some of the reviews about this game i very nearly didn't play it, thank god i chose to see for myself though. From start to finish i found the game highly addictive and fun to play. I did experience a few glitches from time to time, and yes the graphics are not superb, but if you look past that the gameplay is pretty solid.

    One thing is that it is pretty short, i got all 1000g is around 9hrs of play, and that was me taking it easy, so little replay value for me now. Still i'd recommend it to anyone!

  4.  Fun, but disappointing Easy 1000 though!!!


    Well... I'll keep it short and to the point.

    Gameplay is pretty similar to the old XBOX version, more of the same really, imagine GTA style game, but on a smaller scale. Enjoyable to play, but nothing too brain taxing, just a good fun pick up and play kinda game. Weapons are weird and wacky, fun to use, One thing i liked about it were the cutscenes, as previous reviews mentioned, very funny throughout the game, well worth listening to.

    I have two main problems with the game. One is the amount of glitches in it, froze on me on numerous occasions throughout, frame rate suddenly slows to a crawl, speech sections just cut off halfway through a cutscene. I thought it may have been my disk, but i know people who are having the same problem also. Very poor work i'm afraid,
    My other gripe is the game is quite short, took me four days to get all 1000 pts, so there is no replay value in this, for me at least.

    Overall i enjoyed the game thoroughly, glitches aside. I'd say it's definitely worth a play, although not at £35, my advice ..... rent it!!!