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  1.  Awsome !! =D


    Just recieved my mouse today, should have come yesterday but it was Easter Friday so you cant help it. Its a little confusing to use wen you first get it but after an hour or so it becomes more easier. Play.com is giving a very big saving only £13.99 when the RRP is 29.99 GREAT! =D Great mluse with a 3 year warrantry and from a great maker and supplier it can't get better than this.

  2.  Excellent - 5 Stars!


    I first saw the Phantom Of The Opera with a school trip in New York in 2009, although I saw the Broadway version I loved the storyline, while i was on the plane back home this movie was listed on the entertainment system so I immediatly started watching. I was ammazed at how simirlar it was to that of the Broadway show, when I arrived back home i ordered it of play.com it arrived yesterday and i've just watched it now, great actors and storyline, what else can I say? 5 Stars! =D

  3.  GREAT!


    I love this film, who couldnt its got a great bunch of actors in, great storyline and it cheers you up when you watch it =D

  4. Let Go

    Let Go

    Avril Lavigne - CD

    10 New from  £2.25  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.13

     Great Album! A must buy!


    Avril's voice is amazing and her debut album shows how good it is. I love the tracks on this. They are her best known and memorable ones aswell. A must buy for any music lover =D

  5.  Excelent!! A Must Buy


    I bought these to replace my Gummy JVC headphones which i had two of with 3 months. I knew that Sennheiser was good make and had trust in these, they arrived a couple of days later becasue I ordered them on Sunday. The best things about these head[hones was that they came with a 2 year warrantry and a small well made fabric case, this i though would help make last a little longer. They also came with two felt earpads wich signicantly impoved the vass response and made them more comfortable in your ears. Overall I think that these are well worth the money that Play.com are selling them for. Its a must buy!

  6.  good unit but has some downsides


    I didnt get my unit from play.com but its the same price from where I did. I first used this unit with my 2 year old Epson Stylus CX6400 All-in-one printer, and i used the Belkin software which it came with, it worked fine by using it with 4 computers (2 XP Home, 1 XP Media Center Edition 2005 and 1 Vista Basic) Although when my Epson printer died I went out to buy a new Cannon Pixma MP520, i encountered some problems with the print server because when I was installing my new Cannon printer the print server was not letting my printer software find it. So i did a bit of researching on the internet and found out that other people had been having the same problems with mine and other printers, the reason to get around this is by not using the Belkin software and setting up a new IP address and setting that as the printer IP port.

  7.  My first ever iPod!


    This was my first ever ipod and i am very pleased with it. i've got 13 films and 1050 songs on it and its only 1/3 filled. Although i didnt get mine from play.com its the same price. And its the old model now as Apple have released just one version of the classic - the 120gb model, i believe that 80gb is plenty for anyone.

    The battery life is superb and the screen is excellent. I was thinking about getting one of the iPod Nanos but they were only about £20 less than what this was, so i thought it was pointless by spending that much money and only geting somthing that would hold around 2000 songs on it and hardly any videos. I also found the nanos to be to light for my likeing and the weight of this classic makes it feel more durable and exspensive than the Nanos.

    Thanks Apple for making another great product!
    I would reccomend anyone getting one of these, if they love their music or films. =D

  8.  Great Album!!!


    I was shocked when I saw this album on the clearence for £2.99! I immediatly went to have a look at wat tracks where on it, and it came with a lot of their good songs - hence why its called 'Greatest Hits'.

    It came within 4 days of ordering it and its already on my iPod, I cant stop lisening to 'High'

    I would reccomend anyone buying this!

  9.  Excellent Flash Drive!!!


    I got this flash drive for christmas this year, and it one of the best that I have ever had. Drop ressistant and 200m water resistant - you can't ask for any more! 8GB is plenty for what I use it for, I have my music collection which is about 1050 songs and a couple of 2 hour film on it as well as my school and website design stuff. Corsair in my opinion is one the best computer storage company you can buy from.

    If this drive ever breaks, which im sure it wouldnt, I would definetly buy this again or possibly the bigger version of this drive. The product comes with a dog tag which says Corsair on it, dunno why it comes with it but that'll be somhing I will never know, and it comes with an exstention cable so its great if your USB ports are only on the back of your computer.