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  1.  Not bad. but almost all the material is from Scandalous!


    Its still funny if you had never seen Scandalous if you have however seen that though its almost exactly the same show so I'm very disappointed.

  2.  A Great Record!


    I love this record! They have gone down in history as a lesbian pop duo with a great marketing gimmick but T.A.T.U are so much more than that! One of Russias best ever exports their music is unique, very different to anything else and its great its catchy and the mood travels from upbeat anthems to beautiful ballads stand out tracks are of course All the things she said, not gunna get us but also how soon is now, stars and 30 minutes are great too!

  3.  A good record by a great artist!


    I love Lana Del Rey. This record is very good critically its suffered quite a beating from some critics but its no.1 in nearly 20 countries including the UK for a reason! and heres why shes original, shes talented, her musics heartfelt and her musics good! The record speaks for itself give it a listen, give it a chance I love it, it gets under your skin and resonates, Like a fine fragrance it has top notes, middle notes and bottom notes.

  4.  A Carefully Crafted Masterpiece!


    Love this record so much one of my top records of all time! As brilliant now and the first time I listened to it! Every single track is amazing! I am a huge fan of Anastacia and own all 4 of her records but this is by far my favourite all of them are good but this is great truly a masterpiece her "comeback" album after her struggle with breast cancer and its breathtaking!

  5.  Brilliantly Crafted Album! Every Tracks A Gem!


    Love this record so much its literally one of my favourite records I've ever bought! I bought it literally a few months after release but have been listening to it on and off ever since! I love smoke and mirrors and play on best but truly do love every single song! If you like like Amy, Duffy or Adele you stand a good chance of liking Paloma!

  6.  Well I think this films great!!


    Ever since I was very young I've loved this film its good the innocent charm that is missing from Dark Knight (Although a great film) I actually prefer this!! Everywhere I look this film is slated what they call cheesy I call charming its meant to be that way and I love it Uma is great as Poison Ivy and its a great watch dont be put off by bad reviews give it a watch and judge for yourself kids will love this film!

  7.  Her best album to date!


    After listening for a while I have to say this is Ciaras best yet so much swag, so much energy you wont be dissapointed! :)

  8.  Amazing


    Im so surprised by how much I love this album its incredible!

  9.  Not bad you will love it or hate it!


    Bought it from poundland for yes a pound so wasnt expecting much its not my cup of tea very dark and strange but the animation is good very unusual some of the songs are very catchy and is certainly great for a quid so would recommend for sure!

  10. Loud


    Rihanna - CD

    13 New from  £3.52  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £5.95



    Im a huge Rihanna fan I have all her albums right from music of the sun but have to be honest was getting a bit bored of her then she slaps me in the face and reminds me why I love her she comes back with a completely new sound and image and I think this could honestly be her best yet the album is great my favourite songs are S&M, only girl in the world, cheers (drink to that) and I love love the way you lie pt two even better than part one must have album of the year in my opinion! :)