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  1.  One of the best movies of 2012


    Front start to finish this movies does NOT disappoint!

    Great story line, gently twisting American history to fit this excellent plot.

    This movie is full of great action scenes and a few jumpy moments too.

    I cannot wait for this to be released on DVD!

  2.  Dull, Dull, Dull


    If you were looking at this game hoping it to be a Marvel version of the awesome Fable series - you're wrong!

    Limited choices, dull story line and mindless button bashing combat make this game simply dull! No Xbox live co-op gives it very limited replay value.

    A real disappointment.

  3.  A must buy!


    Prodigy fans
    - we've begged for a live album for years.
    - we've begged for more live footage not shot from someone's mobile.
    Finally your prayers have been answered!! Like a London bus - two come along together!!

    I was at this amazing gig in Milton Keynes last year and it was beyond awesome! A great mix of the new tunes and the classics.

    I went to the DVD preview at a cinema in London and bounced all the way through - for those at attended the gig, note that not all the gig is on CD/DVD.

    Buy this! Buy it nooooow! 'Can you hear the hounds callin?'

  4.  Plastic


    I have waited patiently for months for this to be released after continual delays but hoping it would be worth the wait.
    Sadly sorely disappointed. It is very small and feels very cheaply made PLASTIC, sadly not what I was expecting!

  5.  The funniest film I have seen i a very, very, very long time


    Hysterical film. I laughed so hard it actually hurt!

    I cannot wait to get this on dvd and relive the comedy!

    The best Sandler film ever!

  6.  Asgardian Hero seeks guidance.....


    Massive and long levels draw the player in.

    Gorefest combat with slowmo for the most graphic parts. Glorious incineration when you unleash the dragons into battle!

    I hope that I am not starting my final campaign of the game as it as been enjoyable.


    The controls are a little awkward inconjunction with the camera. A lock on button would make my life easier to target creatures or switch easily, silimar to the G.O.W and D.M.C games.

    The other thing that is annoying, as mentioned in previous reviews of this game are the fact that you can roam everywhere, Fable style, but often events at a site shown on the map are not unlocked until you do something elsewhere.

    I wasted an hour of my life looking for the Crypt key only to find out I had to do something first (a long way away)before the key holding critters appeared.

    In summary. Blood, guts and gore. Dragons and massive battles. Just needs a few tweeks.

  7.  Misleading!


    Having watched the fantastic film and quietly head banging in the cinema to tunes like Ace of Spades and Smells like Teen Spirit, when I saw the soundtrack available I jumped at the chance to get it.


    This CD is exactly what the title says - ORIGINAL!

    It contains the music composed for the film and none of the other songs. There are a few decent songs on here but it isn't a great album.

    Save your money and buy the film!

  8.  See this film! Buy this Film!


    This is the kind of film that does exactly what it says on the tin.

    There is lots and lots and lots and lots of people getting shot up!

    The film contains fantastic fight sequences, good humour through out and who can forget the sound track?

    Clive Owen is brilliant in this role!

    A must see while still in the cinema and an essential edition to any action lovers DVD collection!

  9.  About time!..................disappointing


    Finally this book is released! It is a real disappointment that Future Press decided to release the Diamond and Pearl guide in two instalments!

    This book contains the evolution guide for Pokemon from all the previous games and provides information on the post Elite Four.

    Sadly this is not the FULL pokedex as it does not contain the three Pokemon that you can get at Pokemon Events (Darkrai, Shaymin and Arceus) so this book fails to deliver the full dex.

    I am disappointed by this book and won't be buying any others.

    Next time I will stick to internet guides and save myself money!

  10.  Superb gadget!


    I got this wonderful item to help me fill my Pokedex in my Pearl game.

    It has codes for all the Pokemon, items, event items, the list goes on!

    Make sure you check the version that of game you have as each region (USA\Canada, Europe) use different codes for the product and the unit comes pre-loaded with the codes depending on where you buy it.

    Never try and cross region the codes as you will corrupt your save game when it goes wrong.

    I got a European Action Replay for my European games (the code EUR is written on the DS game card).

    This is an invaluable item and can be continally be updated from the Internet with the latest codes for other games!