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    This game is so advanced it is the only game I have ever played that keeps me interested and makes me feel like I am fighting for something. As soon as I completed Killzone for the PS2 back in 2005 I said "bring on killzone 2" and once I finished playing this game - just an hour ago I said "bring on killzone 3". This game is so technically advanced and I have no idea how killzone 3 could be any better than this.
    The graphics are so strong, I mean everything looks real - from the guns to the sand and water - everything looks so life like it is unreal. The game plays at a maximum of 720p and it looks stunning, the lighting is great, the shaddows are so awesome that at one point on the game I was scared of my own shaddow. The guns look spectacular - there is a wide variety and each look so real you feel like you are actually touching the gun. The characters are stunning and look like real people - the facial animations are spectacular and the voice acting is immense.
    The enemy on this game are the very scary helghast soldiers and they really are very clever - they will take you out if you make one and i mean one mistake. Taking cover in this game is very important and you will rely on it for the majority of the game although you will do quite a bit of runnin and gunnin. The cover system is great - my only problem with it (only a small problem) is that you have to keep the L2 button pressed down. When in cover you can peak over or around cover which is highly effective and very fun to use.
    The story is pretty simple yet it kept me interested throughout. The levels are so well designed and you will have to do a wide variety of things to fight off the helghast. You will take control of vehicles - use the sixaxis to plant charges - battle huge bosses and kill hundreds of helghast soldiers from plenty of different ranks. You will fight in a wide range of locations including a train and an industrial estate. There is so much variety it is great.
    The sounds on this game are top class - as you shoot the helghast soldiers you hear groans and as you destroy the big monsters you get some excellent explosions. The voices are all suitable for the characters and there is some very good dialogue between the characters. The Colonel Radec has an awesome voice and is a very strong character - he is actually quite scary. The grenades are really good - the beeping sound to let you know one is near is cool and the grenades can take out quite a few helghast if cooked and placed well.
    The cut scenes are one of the best things on the game - They are outstanding and just as good if not better than a hollywood film. Everything is so realistic and they tell a good story - Once you watch them you know what you have to do and it really fires you up to complete the objectives. The cut scenes are the best I have ever seen and are so realistic it literally is a film - and the best thing is the actual gameplay graphiics are just as good as those displayed in the cutscenes.
    Now the gunfights are without doubt the best part of this game and i feel priviliged to have played this incredible game. Each gun fight is so well set out - there is basically an unlimited supply of helghast soldiers and the only way to stop more coming is to push forward - it is so realistic. I mean in real war if you stay back and kill the enemy more and more will come - but if you push forward and pose a threat they will back off as you move forward and take control.
    The guns all feel different and are incredibly powerful. There is basically an ulimited supply of ammo and grenades and you will be glad as you need it all - the helghast will kill you in an instance if you make a mistake. The enemy are well positioned and ar

  2.  great


    I managed to pick up this netbook for £299 which is oustanding value - from play.com.

    The netbook is very light and can fit almost anywhere - it is very easy to carry around - you can set up anywhere and very easily connect to the internet where available.
    The netbook looks very stylish and everything is laid out well. The keyboard is the biggest i have ever seen on a netbook - its almost full size which is a bonus as I have a lot of typing to do. One disadvantage of this is that the mousepad has been made very small which is a nuisance - you do get used to it but it is not ideal.

    The specs for this netbook are impressive I mean a massive 160GB hard drive, a 10.2 inch screen. 1 GB of RAM and a 1.6GHZ intel atom processor. This spec allows the netbook to operate very fastly - the whole 6 months I have had this netbook - it has never froze and I run a lot of demanding programs at once e.g Word and Paintshop.
    The 160GB goes a very long way - its common knowlefge that you do not get 160GB as the operating system takes up room and other system priorities. The screen is quite big - it is very bright and generally displays everything really nicely. The only problem with the screen is the resolution - the max is 1024*600 - now this sometimes causes problems especially yahoo mail - I had to revert back to the old style mail as the screen could not display it properly - as detected by yahoo and confirmed by me.

    The battey life is the biggest selling point - I mean it is what made me buy the netbook. Now after 6 months of use - I am not impressed with the battery life. I mean if you want the 6 - 8 hours you will need to have everything on the lowest settings and basically not do anything demanding. I have got 8 hours using the batttery manager - i placed everything at the lowest settings and got my 7 and a half hours.
    But after a recharge with everything on lowest settings - running some demanding programs - i got 4 and a half hours - now whilst this is still good - its not that impressive. If you switch to max performance the netbook is superb - everything is much faster and more enjoyable but then you will be getting a maximum battery life of 3 hours. Then there is the fact that batteries lose power after a while anyway.

    The netbook can also get very hot - whether its charging or not - so dont put it on bare legs :-)
    The charger is good and it doesn't take long to charge - especially when you can use the netbook whilst it is charging. The sleeve for storage is losuy and does nothing to protect the netbook - as well as there being no valcro lid to secure the netbook.

    The netbook comes with windows XP service pack 3 - it really performs well on this machine - windows XP is very easy to use and compliments the system. Some say these netbooks are only really for the internet - well let me assure you - a lot more can be done on this one.
    There is lots of connectivity for this netbook - there are 3 USB ports - a card reader - and an ethernet port - all work well and have very fast transfer rates. I had about 100 songs to write onto a USB stick and it was done in about 5 minutes - that is very quick.

    This netbook is outstanding and is the best on the market even if it is slighlty more expensive than some of the others.

  3.  Quality


    I do feel that this system stays cooler than the 40GB version.

    The console is very heavy - and it is quite bulky - but it doesn't really matter. It looks very stylish - but it is basically a fingerprint magnet - the marks can be wiped off - but it is a bit annoying.
    Setup - When you first attempt to setup the console - it is best that you read the instructions - it can be complicated. If you are connecting to a HD TV - you basically just connect the cable to the TV and console - turn console and Tv on - then select HDMI on the TV - then run the setup - it will says a HDMI device has been detected - do you want to configure - say yes and then let it detect the settings - the screen will go blank - then it should say the maximum resolution - select yes to keep the settings and then sort the sound settings - just select automatic - otherwise you could run into some serious problems.

    You then set the clock time - the machine name - language - and other things. Its pretty simple and should give you very few problems. There is no backwards compatibilty with PS2 games - but to be fair the PS3 Games are much better.
    Graphics + Sound - Depends on the game - the TV - the settings. Lets assume the game is Call of Duty 4 running on a standard HD TV at 720P - you will be amazed - it looks so lifelike - it really dazzles you how real the graphics are. You can definitely tell this is the next generation - never before has the guns sounded so realistic - never before has the sound been so crisp.

    Features - The internet browser is good - especially with a mouse and keyboard - but it does need some work done - it is quite slow and unresponsive sometimes.
    The XMB is very good - it just makes everything so easy to find. The menu is really set out well - you get the feeling everything is where it should be. The ability to connect a PSP is also a nice touch - you can transfer media and control the menus with the PSP.

    The ability to play DVD's and Blur rays is really good - but blu ray is so much better. It's sort of like DVD's are PS2 games and Blu Ray's are PS3 games - the quality for DVD's is enhanaced with the upscaling feature - but to be honest blu ray is so much better - the quality will blow you away.
    The playstation store is good - I only really use it for trailers and demos - there is a very big selection - howvever you can also get arcade games and movies. In my opinion the download times are very long and you will sometimes find yourself just not downloading things at all.

    The playstation network is good - you can chat to people and play online. The servers are generally good - and there are always games available to join - but it does depend on the game.
    You can store loads of photos - games - and videos on the large hard drive. one annoyance though is that you cannot have too many friends and you cannot edit your playstation network ID. One good feature though is there can be multiple users of the system - each can have their own friends - videos - pictures and game saves - it'seasy to create users - and its quick and easy to log in and out.

    Games - There are loads of games to enjoy in every genre - e.g racing - sports - action - adventure and many more. My favourite is the FPS genre - for these games the graphics are spectacular and really show off what the PS3 can do. The game on the PS3 are also very very cheap - I mean i got GTA IV for £17.99 - and call of duty 4 for £24.99.
    The games are a big step up from the PS2 games - I mean the scale of some of the games are huge - GTA IV is a massive open world - and it still manages to maintain a steady framerate and the amazing graphics. The games are really amazing - they are more like masterpeices - with outsanding gra

  4.  Outstanding


    When i first unboxed this i was very happy - but slightly annoyed that the stand was not prefitted - might just be me but it was quite hard to fit and because i had to do it there is the worry it is not as good as it could be. Once the stand is fitted - and checked for security you can now admire the TV.
    The TV looks amazing really - its black and not a fingerprint magnet like most sony products. There is one speaker spanning the whole bottom of the TV - it looks stylish - and you get the feeling that the TV is very powerful.

    The connectivity is really good for this TV - 3 HDMI ports - composite and component slots - RF - Scart *2 - PC - Camera card - headphones and hi - fi connections. All are very well laid out and are input and removed easily and very importantly are tight fits - to keep the connection strong.
    The TV viewing is easily setup - it finds loads of freeview channels very quickly and they all look really good - But with freeview though it really does depend on where you live - because of the signal. The EPG is great - you can set programs to record - set a program to appear on screen - and set the time and date of a programme you want to record.

    The sound qaulity is awesome - there are loads of options to choose - for effects you can choose standard - dynamic - bbe viva - and dolby virtual. The one you choose really does depend on what you are doing with the TV - I mean i leave mine on standard - it is good for gaming - it enhances, clarifiies detail and sound presence using the BBE high definition sound system.
    Dolby virtual is my person favourite though as it uses the TV speakers to simulate the surrounding effect produced by a multi channel system - this really sounds amazing. You can also select treble - for higher pitched sounds, bass for lower pitched sounds - balance - to emphasise left of right speaker balance.

    You can also turn on or off the tv speakers - on for when you want to listen to the sound through the built in speakers and off for when you want to listen to the sound primarily on your sound system.
    Sorry to go on about the sound quality - but it is amazing. Overall the extent of options you get is amazing and well worth the price of the TV - you really do need to experiment though as some options really outshine others - depending on how you will use the TV.

    The picture quality is also amazing - but again you will want to adjust the settings as it again depends on what you are using the TV for.
    There are many options to choose for the picture mode - there is - Vivid - for enhanced picture contrast and sharpness - Standard - for a standard picture - this reccommened for home entertainment - and cinema - for film based content.

    I keep mine set to standard for PS3 - it looks awesome espescially 720p - I always prefer this to 1080i as it is progressive rather than interlaced. On this subject this TV is not full HD (1080p) - but you will not really notice - mainly because the difference between 1080i and 1080p is small anyway - and because the TV isn't the biggest. On a 60" TV you could probably tell the difference between 1080i and 1080p.
    The TV is quite heavy and is quite bulky - isn't a problem - i just expected it to be a bit more slimline and portable. On PC mode it is really good - the picture quality is awesome and it feels like luxury having a 32" inch display for a PC. The PC adjustment feature is good as the TV will adjsut the screen so that it is like a PC monitor. You can also position the picture e.g to the left or to the right.

    The power saving feature is really good - it lowers the power consumption for the TV - it is already low enoug

  5.  Cool


    The first thing that i thought when I unboxed this phone i thought - wow i've got to be delicate with this - it just felt like it could be broken very easily - this thought grew stronger when i took the back off in order to insert the battery and pulled the lid down to reveal the keypad.

    But this was just a first thought - after having this phone for months - i now realise it is quite sturdy and reliable - it is very very light. The phone is very small and it is very hard to press the keys - but you adjust to it after a while.
    There is a 1.3 megapixel camera on this phone - it is OK - this camera resolution is very dated - and you can tell that this was not a priority in the final build of the phone. It is not a bad camera - but i would not rely on it for holiday photos or anything important - its more for taking a picture to send to a friend or something.

    The walkman feature on the phone is amazing - it can be activated by closing the lid - the sound is crystal clear and is surprisingly loud. There is a memory card included with the phone (a 512mb one) this can fit plenty of songs and photos but you will most likely want to upgrade - as you can use this for a fully fledged mp3 player. you can also listen to the radio - with the add on which acts as an antenna.
    The phone comes with a software CD so you can connect your phone to the computer using bluetooth and USB. you can transfer photos and music from your phone to computer and vice versa. The transfers are quite slow really - but not slow enough that you become annoyed.

    The phone has a nice layout - the menu is easy to access and everything is set out well - everything you need you can find it easily e.g entertainment - camera and so on. The loudspeaker is good - phone conversations are clear and there is a lot of room to store numbers in the phonebook.
    The trackID feature is good - you can basically record a song and send it over the interent and in seconds you will receive the name of the song and the artist (you have to pay though - not sure how much though). Connecting to the internet is easy - my favourite feature is the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds - whenever the site or blog is updated you are informed. If you want to use the internet you should install opera mini (i took this advice from CNET - and it is good advice).

    Overall the phone is great - texting is easy - and everything you need is easy to find and easy to use - it is light - its got a good battery life. there are also some games - there not very good though - you have to pay for the good ones though - there not cheap and in my opinion not worth it.

  6.  Great Game - Dont listen to bad reviews


    I only really play first person shooters - so I was bound to pick this up - I am glad I did.

    The graphics - they are not call of duty standard - but everything looks realistic - everything looks sharp. The character models are really good - the facial animations are gret - the lips move well - looks like they are actually talking. The environments are good - there aren't that many - but the environments you come across look really good - like they are real places - just with hundreds of people throwing grenades - and firing rounds of bullets.
    The sound - this isn't quite as good - you shoot a round - but the gun doesn't sound powerful - doesn't sound realistic - but it's good enough - I mean everyone in my household certainly knows its gunshots :-) The voice acting is quite poor - the characters say the same things over and over again. One line is "this is the best fun i've had with my pants on" - now this is repeated hundreds of times throughout the campaign.

    The problem with the voice acting - especially at the start of the game - it's obvious it was done in a studio - I don't know quite why - it just sounds like it. The custscenes are very long sometimes and are not really entertaining - it basically tells you what you need to do.
    The Gameplay - this is fun - its really good - the enemies are fun to kill - they put up a good challenge - and have plenty of ammo - which you can take - when you dispose of them. The character moves quite quickly - but it would be nice for a sprint feature - also whenever you jump - he makes an annoying noise - even with a very small jump.

    The environments are good - there are plenty of enemies - and some really good objectives - which will challenge you. The checkpoint system is good - I mean you basically wont ever have to replay a very long section again when you die. Another good thing is the healing of the teammates. The teammates aren't very good and cannot do much for themselves - they will get injured a lot.
    Another thing i like is the ability to steal guns from the enemy after a melee attack - you basically stun the enemy and take their gun - when they stop being stunned they realise they have no gun and you kill them. One annoying thing is on the main menu - every time you start the game - it attempts to connect to the network - but all I wanted to do was play the main game.

    Overall though - the main menu is well set out - the options section is good - with examples of what the setting do - e.g I turned up the speech volume - then press test (or something like that) and it shows what it sounds like at the selected volume.
    The campaign is good - the story is very good and kept my interest. You start of as mantel - then you realise they are bad and join the promise hand. Playing as the mantel is quite boring really - the nectar is annoying and very tempremental - sometimes the vision is blurry and you loose control. Its much better when you join the rebels - its like a standard FPS shooter - as the promise hand you are faster - you can dive and my personal favourite play dead - this is where you pretend to be dead and get up when it best suits you.

    Once youv'e completed the game - you dont get any rewards or anything - so thats annoying - also you don't get any medals or anything - so there isn't really any replay value. The campaign mode is quite long - took me about 8 hours on normal mode - the ending is OK - it makes sense really.
    Overall the game is very good - and will satisfy any hardcore first person shooter fan - like me.

  7.  Better than the reviews suggest


    The game was rushed. There are soom good ideas here e.g the team morale feature - its really good - changes the way your team fight.

    Graphics - good enough to be on the ps3 but nothing special.

    Sound - lots of glitches here - at times there was no sound.

    Characters - no real personality but they do a good job in batle and you get to command them.

    Story - its got a better story than most shooters really - it takes quite a while to get through - took me about 8 hours on hard mode.

    Guns - not a big selection - some guns seem weak but they do the job.

    Enemeis - there are some big bosses and generally loads of enemies to kill - sometimes they present a really big challenge.

    There are some good trophies to unlock.

    Vehicles - you do get to drive a bit and the trucks handle well.

    Overall 7/10 worth a play if you are a big fan of first person shooters like me :-) buy it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8.  Better than vice city


    This is a solid game.

    The funny and interesting characters are back.

    The missions are challenging and there are loads of them.

    The music is cool and the sound effects and voice acting are as good as ever.

    There are some really standout missions in this game.

    There are loads of great guns to use.

    There are loads of good vehicles throughout the game.

    The main character isnt really good and is always complaining but oh well its a great game.

    The more GTA's the better. Buy this - 9/10

  9.  Back to GTA 3


    Its not as good as GTA 3 in terms of the story.

    There are motorcycles in liberty city and a wide range of other vehicles.

    The graphics are quite good.

    The music and sound efects are great - but the music is not as good as previous games.

    There are loads of missions - but the characters aren't as good in this game.

    There are loads of guns and some very entertining missions.

    Not the best but worth buying 8/10.

  10.  Best GTA


    It is really good -

    An even bigger world than the previous 2 - this time with loads of extras e,g relationships - the ability to use a gym - eat things - swimming.

    The graphics are the best of the 3.

    Loads of guns

    Lots and lots of missions from a group of very interesting characters.

    Very lengthy story mode - the story is very good - loads of side missions too.

    I must have spent months on this game.

    Loads of vehicles including motorcycles, dirt bikes and planes.

    Amazing game 10/10