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  1.  Brilliant!


    Although this is not my usual sort of music, I have abit of a soft spot for Pixie, she has a great soulful voice and her diversity is obvious in the tracks on this album, ranging from emotional ballads to upbeat dancey tracks. Usually I'd list 2 or 3 of the songs I particularly liked but its difficult here, I thought they were all great! If I was REALLY pushed I might be able to pick some favourites (there's a few!):

    Stevie On The Radio
    Everybody Hurts Sometimes
    We Just Go On
    Kiss The Stars
    Dancing On My Own
    Paper Planes.

    I'd definitely recommend the deluxe edition over the regular too, for the sake of a couple of extra quid the 6 bonus tracks are great.
    Can't wait for the tour!

  2.  AWESOME!


    This game is fantastic, especially when playing with a friend. There is so much to do, such as adventure mode, classic mode, target smash etc. And of course, there's the simple fights that make this game a great one to just pick up and play. There's a total of 35 playable characters (once you unlock them all) and a huge variety of stages. Some characters and stages have returned from the Gamecube version, but there is alot of new characters (such as Sonic, Snake, Pokemon Traner, Toon Link) and stages. You can also complete challenges and events to unlock stages, music, trohies, stickers and "masterpieces", short trial versions of classic nintendo games like Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time etc. The online play is also huge fun where you can battle people from around the world. There is so much to say about this game, but you won't know just how fun it is until you buy it, so what are you waiting for? ORDER NOW!

  3.  "They peed on your rug?"


    This isa great t-shrt. I'm a big fan of Weenicons and Big Lebowski so it made sense to get this, and I can safely say that it's 5 pounds well spent. Very comfortable and very bright, and the print is excellent quality. The sizes seem pretty spot-on too because I bought a medium (which is what I am usually) and it fits like a dream. For this price, it's a must have t-shirt for any fan of The Big Lebowski.

  4.  Fun for everyone


    I was abit surprised that this is CGI animated, unlike Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas which is cartoons. Personally, I prefer the cartoons but the CGI doesn't take away from this at all. 5 heartwarming stories guranteed to get children and adults alike in the christmas spirit. This will be on every christmas at my house from now on, and probably a few times inbetween too because the messages it teaches are relevant all year round. I'd recomend this to anybody.

  5.  Brilliant


    All the reviews I've read say the controls are hard to get used to but me and my brother had no trouble getting to grips with them, and were fighting on "Legend" difficulty in no time. ALOT better than the 2008 version, this game has alot wider variety of matches and the even when you complete the "Road To Wrestlemania" mode you can fight to boost your superstars abilities. There's always something to do, and it's a great game to just pick up and play.
    If you're a big wrestling fan you'll want the latest version for the updated rosters but if you just want a good fighting game, you cant go wrong with this one.

  6.  is this AS good as Ocarina Of Time?!?!


    yes..... maybe. But even the fact I'm asking that queston should be enough to make any game fan buy this straight away. I felt a few Zelda games came out before this that weren't really up to scratch, like Windwaker or Four Swords. But this is a real return to form. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is enthralling and I think playing half the game as a wolf/ dog was a great idea. If you own a wii then you really have to give this a go. The only Wii game that I'd call a "must have".

  7.  Rock out on the psp!


    I thought this game was great. It has a really long, addictive story mode, where you can customise each character in your 4 piece band. There is so much cusomisation you can do to them....you can even change the colour of their shoes! The play list is good, with some good modern songs, old classics and slightly obscure material, and if you get bored of them, there are some you can download off the playstation network, for 99p per track. Of the downloadable songs i particulaly like "schools out" by alice cooper and "smooth criminal" by alien ant farm. The game play is fairly simple. The 4 track eature is really effective, and the way the track your're playing gets louder adds a real sense of personalisation. The only reason I haven't given this game 5 stars is because it doesn't have any online play. I realise this would be difficult to add to the game, but it would have made it a milestone in portable gaming if they had. All in all a great game. My favourite PSP game by far, and I would recommend it to any rock band/ guitar hero fan.

  8.  Great


    These headphones are brilliant for £4.99. The quality is good and the comfort isn't bad. Mine fall out a bit but that's not a huge problem. A great buy.

  9.  Not all that bad


    I thought this film was ok. I can't remember being genuinely scared at any point, but it does offer some mild thrills, and has an interesting plot that slowly unwinds throughout, although I thought parts of it were a little more complicated than they needed to be. Fairly good acting all round, i'd give it a go.

  10.  Thumbs up


    Good game, very gorey, great graphics, great attack combos, pretty good storyline. Howver it was too short, not challenging ebough even on hard and i thought it had quite a sudden ending... I didn't feel like it was going to end.. I thought it was about to go onto the next level and the credits came up. Definitely worth a play though.