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  1.  Sonic meets Soul Calibre


    This is by far one of the worst games i have played all year.
    I loved the last three prince of persia games (although the second two had many flaws) and this game lets down the series.
    It is set in a different place and apparently universe to the others and it also appears that the prince is not the same character.
    The gamesplay is mostly acrobatics but with the addition of "the claw" which allows you to slowly slide down walls (which they vastly overuse having some sections where you manage to "slide" for about 30 seconds...) there is also the magic woman who follows you around. Her ability to fly means that she can save the prince whenever he falls, sounds good but in reality it takes all the fear and tension out of the game because you are completely invincible. The combat is arena based with none of the cool moves seen in the first one, such as wall flip attacks, swinging attacks etc. This leaves the combat sections as a weak version of soul calibre. Also missing are the sands of time seen in the first three. This decision has removed the slowmotion ability as well as the rewind and other sand powers which makes the game far less interesting and fun.
    There are new "power plates" which allow the prince and compainion special powers such as flying, jumping long distances, wall (and ceiling) running (sonic style) and some kind of helicopter type thing (yes, as stupid as it sounds).
    The story lacks any of the motivation of the previous games, the voice acting is good, but often childish and repetetive.
    The fight system is dull and often frustrating. The acrobatic sections lack the dificulty of previous ones as well as being mostly based around one button. The graphics appear good untill you notice the lazy lipsync and lack of attension to detail.
    All in all the game is a disappiontment and not worth the £40 pricetag.
    I hope this helps you in your (lack of) purchase. Sorry if i made any ubisoft workers cry...