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  1.  Never Without Again!!!


    I have had an xBox 360 scince the release date. When i got my second xbox (not due to a hardware faliure, i needed one at both houses) i decided to get live. I had gone without live for the last three years. Now i cant live without it. It takes the 360 to a completely different level. its truely INSANE!!!!

  2.  Maybe a Double-Disc version???


    This is a great collection of GNR songs but maybe a double-disc version would do the job better???

  3.  Short, very short.


    I borrowed this game of a friend and completed it the same day. Its fairly short and easy, maybe for a younger gamer or its generally too easy. The graphics are good and the variety between units is great but over all i'll give this game a three. I want it longer and much more difficult.

  4.  Best Demonate Book EVER!


    This is the best demonata book by far. A must buy gor horror fans and avid readers alike.

  5.  Trigger Happy


    As soon as you get your hands on a flamethrower the game completely turns around. Especially on the level 'Burn 'em Out' when you run around setting everything on fire. Its the perfect game for any trigger happy killing machine.

  6.  Funny in an AWEFUL way


    this was so funny when i first heard Boat Song. It made me laugh so much because it sounds like the Old Man from family guy. Truly aweful but a good laugh for a few minutes.

  7.  few good tracks


    A few good tracks (dance dance and sugar, were going down) but at £3.99 you really cant go wrong. Bargain but only 3/5.

  8.  great value


    Great value for 2 games and 2 guides at 20 something quid. A must buy for people looking to buy wow. 4/5

  9.  5/5 kick ass


    This game is great. Single player is awesome and so is live. Personally i think swapping to modern war is better than world war 2. After all there are only so many ww2 battles you can cover before it becomes repetitive. 5/5 Many hours of explsove fun.

  10.  Great


    For £4.99 you cant go wrong. This film is full of great combat scenes and kick ass monsters. The axe throwing scene is a cliche though but overal this is amazing. 4/5.