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  1.  Dreadful


    A show that is either wrote by stupid people, or made for an audience they think won't question the terrible "plot twists". I got through 6 episodes, each one was worse then the last. This may be a little bit of a spoiler, but the serial killer of the story is apparently allowed unlimited visitors, and can influence and control a vast number of people, all from his jail cell. They will also just throw in a new "follower" whenever it's an easy get out for the writers. Just when you think someone might get caught, you can guarantee that one of the two people on their tail, will be a secret "follower" and get them to escape. If lazy writing like that gets up your nose, then give this a wide berth.

  2.  Not what I expected.


    I've got to say I was expecting a bit more then an "I love London" lighter with a Jack Daniels sticker over the top. It still does the job at the end of the day and is fairly good quality for 3 quid.

  3.  Tedious


    This isn't really a fair review cos I didn't see all the film. I made it to about the 30 minute mark and turned it off. It was just so boring. I went into the film with an open mind cos I didn't know too much about the film. If you like to listen to conversations about rich people being rich and depressed, then you may like this film.

  4.  Improved on perfection.


    This is only the 3rd time I have ever purchased a second version of an album because of my love for the artist. It was well worth the 8.99 I paid, never mind the 4.99 it's at now. The new songs feel like they've been there all along. As for the cover of Your Song, that's worth the price of the cd on it's own. An amazing album from start to finish from a girl with a voice that can melt your heart. I just wish they'd stop releasing 2nd editions. It just annoys the real fans that bought it on release.

  5.  Yet another top quality album from Miss Stone.


    She has let her voice do the talking for this album. There are no gimmicks with this girl. You don't get over produced music with someone using auto tune on it or Akorn squeaking over the songs to make it appeal to a teenage audience. It's just plainly and simply a very good album.

  6.  For those who love their music.


    I first heard this band on the radio And really liked them but didn't know who they were. Thankfully they said they were currently supporting Radiohead on tour so I looked them up and found this album. I'm so glad I took the time to do so. I find it very difficult to find new artists that aren't just clones of everything popular in the charts (see any band beginning with "The"). If you're a fan of artists like Zero 7, Portishead, or aqualung etc then I suggest giving it a go. One of the best albums I've had this year.

  7.  A Classic


    The best Snow Patrol album. That's all you need to know.

  8.  New Design (at last)


    These are now the new design of 360. They use the new type of motherboard which will hopefully make them more reliable. It's about time too as the old ones where so bad it's unreal. 3 refurbished Xboxes later an I've given in and bought this one as I got sick of sending mine in for a 6 monthly repair. Fingers crossed these are better.

  9.  Bargain


    £4.99 is a bargain for this game. Well recommended if you're just getting into next gen gaming. If you've been an Xbox owner for a while then I wouldn't bother as there are games that do this kind of gameplay better now. The online game is strange (it was made by a different company) as you can't take cover in it so it's very different from the campaign.

  10.  Not too bad.


    I can't really complain too much about this stand. Mainly due to the fact it's only £50 and i didn't have to wait over six weeks for it's arrival then giving up and buying another. I had exactly the same problem as another reviewer had in that the screws that hold up the middle shelf broke. Once again the faithful super glue prevailed and everything is ok now. It's a reasonable quality stand and should be fine for most people's needs. Plus as a little extra bonus all the screws etc come in labelled bags so you know which are which before you get half way through before you realise you used the wrong bits at the beginning.