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  1.  Nearly Perfect


    Most people know what to expect from the PS3 so I won't tell you how great it is. It's more a little bit of advice for when you do buy one. I would advise you to buy a HDMI lead as it only comes with a AV leads. The gioteck real triggers for the controller as the L2 & R2 buttons aren't very well designed. Finally some longer charging leads for the controller too. The one supplied is nowhere near long enough unless you plan to sit within two feet of your PS3. Investing in a bigger hard drive is worth doing too as the games all install onto it and it can fill up fairly quickly. I'd recommend a 320gb 2.5" sata laptop drive.

  2.  Has it's moments


    I'll keep it simple. It starts off fairly well and has a few funny moments in. It then goes for a trip down love street and the jokes almost come to a standstill. Benders Big Score was better then this and neither of them come close to the first two series. Overall it wasn't bad but it certainly wasn't great.

  3.  Top quality.


    This would have got a 5 star rating but in my opinion the bluetooth headphones let it down a little. They're great if you're just at home listening to them. I wore mine while out walking my dog and found the sound kept jumping. They're not overly comfortable after a while either. The normal earphones you get with it are a lot better quality both sound and comfort wise. None of this matters as every time i just look at it i'm so pleased i bought it. It's so much nicer then an ipod and it doesn't scratch when you sneeze on it either like an ipod would. It's so easy to use with it's drag and drop interface unlike it's old predecessor the nwa 3000. It's small, light, simple and attractive. Add the excellent screen and the handy bluetooth and the two pairs of headphones and it's a bargain. I'd recommend paying a little extra and get the 16gb model and sacrifice the bluetooth headphones.

  4.  Oh dear god why?


    I was really looking forward to this film. I'd heard that it was a really good vampire film that was a change to the usual drivel churned out by cheap film studio's. I must say i was very very disappointed. It didn't start of very well and just got worse and worse. The Plot was, a load of vampires turn up and want to kill everyone. The people try to survive for 30 days. It turns out that 30 days is around 3-4 days. The editing/directing is so bad that days just skip past with no explanation as to what happened inbetween. What should have been a story of a very harrowing 30 day struggle to survive becomes a couple of days of slightly difficult living. It's full of cliche's and is nothing out of the ordinary. How they got Josh Hartnett to sign up for this i'll never know. If you enjoy films like Blood Rayne and other mindless horror films then you'll probably like it. If you're expecting a revolution in vampire films then don't bother.

  5.  Cancelled Before It's Time.


    I've been a big fan of Futurama since the beginning. I was really surprised when Fox decided to pull the plug on it and it still had a lot of life left in it. Especially as the Simpsons stopped being funny a long time ago and should have been put to bed. Since us fans have been left hanging for so long wondering whatever happened to our beloved Dr Zoidberg it was great news to find they were rumoured to be making four feature length specials. I was looking forward to this as much as anyone and was pleased with what i saw. It does suffer a little with it's sentimentality like a few of the later episodes did. It still has a lot of the magic that fans will love. There were plenty of little moments that will have you laughing if you know your Futurama history. Why is Fry so important to the universe? What happened to Fry's Dog after he left? Can Bender steal more then usual? and many more. All i'd say is don't expect a classic when watching it but sit back and enjoy an entertaining 90mins.

  6.  One To Watch.


    I watched this film not knowing anything about it and not knowing what to expect. I ended watching the film wondering how such brutal and horrific things can go on in this world and that real heroes don't wear capes. If you're after a hollywood blockbuster or a feel good film then this isn't for you. If you want to watch a film that doesn't skate over the true horror of the world and tells a remarkable story of the courage and bravery then i'd recommend this. Very few films can tell this kind of story well and very few films leave this kind of an impression on you.

  7.  Don't Expect Too Much


    This isn't a bad game at all. It's fun, simple, pretty good graphics, and reasonable story too. If you're after something to get your teeth into then it's not for you. It's very easy and very linear. Don't be expecting to go off on massive side quests for rare weapons or anything like that. There are a couple of mini games dotted around but they are few and far between. The story is ok too but it's nothing revolutionary. you could almost call this "my first rpg". To sum up it's a better than average game but it's not the most challenging.

  8.  I loved it actually!


    No-one was more surprised then I when I got to the end of this film and enjoyed it. I hate rom-com's. Not just a little either. I think this one worked for me because it was actually funny. I even liked Hugh Grant in this. There are several "love" stories in this covering a young boys first crush to failing relationships. It shows the concept of love in it's good, bad and ugly forms and not just the usual two star crossed lovers story. Though some of the story lines are very plausible, one or two of them are a little far fetched. This to me makes the film more fun as it doesn't take itself to seriously. I would recommend this to all but the most cold hearted of people.

  9.  An Adult Fairytale


    This film is fantastic. That should be all I need to say about this film. Unfortunately I feel I should warn some of you who know very little about this film that it is subtitled. For some reason people are put off by this. It's a shame because you're missing out. Also if you have no imagination, patience or the ability to remember what it was like to be a child then this is not the film for you. It's a touching story of a troubled little girl who finds her own magical world to escape into. It's well told and presented in a beautiful world that is a mixture of the real and magical world. The special effects really surprised me with this film too and you will understand why when you see them. If you're thinking that "fairytale" means it's a film that is meant for children then you're wrong. As you can see by the rating the film has been given this is aimed at a more adult audience. I would recommend this to anyone that who isn't after mindless rubbish like American Pie or Scary Movie and wants to watch a proper film with a well thought out plot and a great cast.